The Business of Fake Business

Motherboard über eine Firma, die „Lebenslauf hochjazzen“ auf Steroiden anbietet, inklusive „echter“ Zeugnisse von „echten“ Firmen, die alleine zu diesem Zweck betrieben werden. Die Firma hat quasi eine Business-Farm aus vielen kleinen Scheinfirmen, auf der sie Business-Bullshit anbaut.


His company ​advertises an entry level plan—limited to customers willing to let employers hear that they make $35,000 or less at their fake jobs—that comes with a five-page company website and one fake boss willing to provide a telephone reference. The next plan up offers up to three nonexistent coworkers and a more elaborate website, and customers can pay extra for services like letters of recommendation from their made-up supervisors.

For enough money, Career Excuse can essentially turn the hiring process into an alternate reality game, with prospective employers as the unwitting players. “It all depends on how much they want to invest in making this company look real,” said Schmidt.

Motherboard: The Fakers