90s Internet Instruction Videos Autotuned

John D. Boswell aka Melodysheep aka Symphony of Science hat 90s-Internet-Clips durch Autotune gejagt: „We're gonna take a ride on the Internet and today our Destination is the World Wide Web.“

Melodysheep auf Nerdcore:
Carl Sagans Cosmos autotuned (feat. Stephen Hawking)
Carl Sagans Cosmos autotuned (2)
Carl Sagans autotuned Cosmos kommt auf Vinyl auf Jack Whites Label!
Carl Sagans Cosmos autotuned (3)
Symphony of Science – ‘The Unbroken Thread’ (ft. Attenborough, Goodall, Sagan)
Symphony of Science 5: The Poetry of Reality (An Anthem for Science)
Symphony of Science 6: The Case for Mars!
Journey to the Moon: Apollo 11 Moon Landing D’n’B-Remix
Making of the Symphony of Science 7″-Vinylsingle
Symphony of Science: Ode to the Brain!
Symphony of Science: The Story of Us – Children of Africa
Symphony of Science: The Quantum World
Bruce Lee-Remix: Be Water My Friend!
Symphony of Westeros: Game of Thrones Music Remix