Banana-Spider eats a Toad

„The Spiderman is having a Toad for dinner tonight.“ I was at work outside, when we came across a bed full of banana spiders. One web had a toad in it, and I caught it on camera just in time. Spidermans Diner auf Nerdcore: Tarantula eats a Snake Spider eating a GlĂŒhwĂŒrmchen Giant Spider eating…

This Pie has no spiders in it đŸ•·đŸ°

There are absolutely no spiders in this pie. (via BoingBoing)

Spider Webs are extended Spider Brains and they suck Insect-Shells

Illu: Sineater for Quantamag Vor ein paar Jahren durchschnitt Hilton JapyassĂș ein paar der StrĂ€nge in den Gebilden von Radnetz-Spinnen, so dass die StrĂ€nge zu Boden fielen – wo er Beutetiere (Grillen) platziert hatte. Ein paar der Spinnen waren nun dazu in der Lage, ihr zu Boden gefallenes „Restnetz“ so zu benutzen, wie es Cobweb…

Tarantulas calculate Distance with their 3 billion eyes

Spinnen berechnen ihre Wege mit ihren gegenĂŒberliegenden Augenpaaren und konstruieren spinnensinnmĂ€ĂŸig ein rechtwinkliges Dreieck, auf dessen Hypotenuse sie sich dann entlangbewegen. Geometrisch denkende Mathe-Taranteln also, na prima. --> phys.org: Tarantula wolf spiders use their lateral eyes to calculate distance Tarantula wolf spiders have four sets of eyes, and a study from the Autonomous University of…

Tarantula eats a Snake

In Brasilien haben sie zum ersten mal eine Tarantel beim Verspeisen einer Schlange beobachtet. Das Ringelgezeucht ist wohl aus Versehen in den Spinnenbau im Fels eingedrungen und, naja, das war's dann, Ende GelĂ€nde, wohl bekomm's. National Geographic: Tarantula Found Eating a Snake in Wild for First Time, Paper: Predation of the snake Erythrolamprus almadensis (Wagler,…

Gryffindor Sorting Hat Spider

Indische Forscher haben eine neue Spinnenart nach Godric Gryffindors sprechendem Sortierhut aus Harry Potter benannt. Passt. The nocturnal arachnid, found in India’s Western Ghat mountain range, looks so much like the Sorting Hat it’s tempting to wonder where J.K. Rowling got her inspiration from. Indian researchers discovered the spider, which they named Eriovixia gryffindori, in…

Dude, there's a Spider in your VR-Headset đŸ˜±

Nightmare-Fuel, updated --> There's a spider in my headset. I had the headset on and I see a blob move in front of the right eye. I take the headset off and see its a spider. It ran into the cracks just above the left eye. I can't get it out! [
] he's deep into…

Spider BDSM

Die MĂ€nnchen sexual-kannibalistischer Spinnenarten binden den Damen vor der Kopulation die Beine zusammen, um hinterher nicht aufgefressen zu werden. Spinnen-BDSM als Überlebensstrategie: „In sexually cannibalistic animals, male fitness is influenced [
] by avoiding being eaten [ed: No shit!]. In the cannibalistic nursery web spider, Pisaurina mira [
] males [wrap] a female’s legs with silk prior…

Johnny Cash Tarantula

Die haben ’ne Tarantel nach Johnny Cash benannt: „Meet Aphonopelma johnnycashi, one of 14 new species of tarantula identified as part of a decade-long effort to describe as completely as possible the taxonomy and geography of the American tarantula [
] the 'johnnycashi' name was chosen because the species was discovered near Folsom Prison (of "Folson…

99.000.000 Years old, errected Spider-Dick found

Jurassic Spider-Dong! (Jaja, Weberknechte sind keine Spinnen. Egal.) An arachnid encased in a shard of amber found in Burma died in a rather compromising position. A harvestman of the species Halitherses grimaldii was discovered sporting a massive erection, a position it had been stuck in for the past 99 million years. What’s more, the creature…

Cryptomaster Behemoth

Today I learned: There's an Arachnid-Species called Cryptomaster and they found a new one. (via Superpunch)

Gollum Spider

Wissenschaftler haben eine neue Art von Weberknechten gefunden, die in den Höhlen von Brasilien lebt und im Laufe der Evolution seine Pigmentierung und seine Augen verloren hat. Also haben sie das Vieh nach Gollum benannt. Scientists in Brazil have just identified a new species of harvestman, or daddy longlegs, and they’ve named it with a…

Spider Silk Parka

Vor drei Jahren bloggte ich ĂŒber A Cape made from Golden Spidersilk, damals fand man einen Weg, um die Ă€ußerst robuste Spinnenseide zu Stoffen zu verarbeiten. Das hat die japanische Firma Spiber nun biotech-industrialisiert und einen Prototypen eines ersten Parkas aus Creepycrawlyspinnenspritz hergestellt. In Schwarz wĂŒrde ich mir den direkt zulegen. Spiber, based in central…

That time of the year.

Spider Eye Patterns

File under: Know your enemy. (via @Arachnology)

DIY-Industrial Robot makes 3d-printed Spider-Thread

Ji Shi aus Shanghai hat einen Aufsatz fĂŒr einen Industrieroboter konzipiert, mit dem er quasi vergrĂ¶ĂŸerte SpinnenfĂ€den ausdrucken konnte. Dann hat er das Teil wirklich gebaut: In 6-Aixs 3D Printing project, the idea of biomimetic structure is realized by a delicate robotic-end effector. The core component is a petaloid turn-plate, which has 3 movable printing…


Because Spiders are not terrifying enuff: „Researchers from Oxford University recently published a study in Biological Letters showing how one type of spider manages to spin silk that is imbued with static electricity.“

Giant, massive 16.000qm Spider-Web of epic Proportions

Vor vier Jahren musste eine KlĂ€ranlage in Baltimore einen Spinnen-Notstand ausrufen, die hatten sich eine Spinnenverseuchung eingefangen und ein Spinnennetz in der GrĂ¶ĂŸe von „4 Acres“. Das sind nicht weniger als 16k Quadratmeter. Und der Rest der Zahlen ist nicht weniger mindblowing: Die hatten in der Anlage eine „Spinnendichte“ von 35.000 Spinnen pro Kubikmeter“. o_O!…

Arachnophobia cut out of Brain

„For the first time, a person's lifelong phobia has been completely abolished overnight. Unfortunately, it required removing a tiny bit of the man's brain“. Na denn!

Spiderman is having me for Dinner tonight

The Cure: „And there is nothing I can do when I realize with fright that the Spiderman is having me for dinner tonight!“ Brisbane Times: „West Australian man Dylan Thomas may now be joking about whether he'll develop "superpowers" but on the weekend he was experiencing a "searing sensation" as a spider that had made…


Spider Fangs Pillow

Tweet von Alex Wild: „I can't understand why no one has bought my new, relaxing throw pillow yet.“ Die Story zum Bild gibt's auf Scientific American: These Spider Fangs Aren’t Going To Photograph Themselves.

Dude burns down the House trying to kill Spider

Then this happened: „a West Seattle man was using a lighter and a can of spray paint to kill a spider in his laundry room when the house went up in flames. [
] It's unclear if the spider survived.“

Spiders eating Fish

Aaahh! Nature! Du Arsch! Spiders are traditionally viewed as predators of insects, but a new study suggests that eating fish is widespread among species that live near water. In some cases, the arachnids used powerful poisons to kill fish that were much bigger than them. [
] In order to catch its prey, the spider will…

How To make Rubberband-Spider-Jewelry

Spider Rubber Band Bracelet: No Rainbow Loom Needed