Augmented Reality Rockband from the Future

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Naked Mom plays the Rockband Drums

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Beatles Rockband-Animationen

(Vimeo Direktbeatles, via Motionographer) Das Designstudio MK12 hat grade fünf Animationen aus dem Game Rockband Beatles in ihrem Vimeo-Channel gepostet. Das oben ist die Animation zu Chapter 5, den Rest gibt's auf Vimeo. MK12 Vimeo Channel

Spoiler! The Beatles Rock Band Cinematic Outro Trailer

(Youtube Direktbeatles, via Notcot) Nur für den Fall, dass Ihr „The Beatles: Rock Band“ nicht im Expert-Mode bis zum Ende durchzocken wollt, hier die finale Animation aus dem Game. Amazon-Partnerlink: Benennen Sie Ihren Link

Rock Band Guitar Hero Traffic

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Rock Band meets iTunes, opens built-in music store

The music industry is in the middle of an upheaval: physical sales of CDs are down, but musicians like Trent Rezner are seeing success by offering their music directly to the consumers. At the same time, the industry is taking notice of the success of peripheral-oriented games like Rock Band and Guitar Hero, games that…