Swamp-Thing Dalek

„A Dalek from Doctor Who was found submerged in a pond by volunteers enlisted to clear it of rubbish. The group had already fished out an old table football game and a skateboard when they bumped into the Dalek head, which was covered in weeds.“ (via Neatorama)

The Evil of the Daleks and other Podcasts

Swen hat gestern eine ganze Reihe schöner „Science in SciFi“-Podcasts gepostet und ich höre mir jetzt erstmal eine philosophische Abhandlung über das Wesen des Bösen anhand der Daleks an, ein paar Gedanken eines Psychologen über Batman und den jüngsten Amoklauf und Cory Doctorow über Copyright. The evil of the Daleks Radio ABC: "They are among…

The Dalek Relaxation Tape

YT Direktcalm Genau das richtige für die Zeit, in der ich mit Umzug beschäftigt bin: The Dalek Relaxation Tape von Peter Serafinowicz.

Craig Ferguson and the Dalek

(Youtube Direktdalek, danke Matthias!) Craig Ferguson hatte nicht nur den ersten Roboter-Sidekick der Welt, sondern auch vorgestern einen Dalek in der Sendung. Hilarious! Vorher auf Nerdcore: Craig Ferguson & The Mythbusters perform Modern Englishs „Melt With You“ Craig Fergusons Robot Skeleton Sidekick Craig Ferguson über Jugend und Dummheit

Dalek Cake

Schöner Geburtstagskuchen, den da jemand bekommen hat. Auf Staked Cakes steht noch ein bisschen was dazu, wie sie das Ding hinbekommen haben: Daleks and Birthdays. (via Geeks are Sexy)

The complete Dalek Chronicles

Vor ein paar Wochen hatte ich ein paar der 104 Comics „The Dalek Chronicles“ gebloggt, die meisten der Strips waren damals aber nicht online zu finden. Ich begab mich daraufhin hinab in die dunkleren Gefilden der Netzes und fragte die Elderly of the Internet, wo zum Geier denn der Rest der Comicstrips abgeblieben sei. „Dicker“,…

Vintage Comic: The Dalek Chronicles

Atomic Surgery hat 13 alte, sehr schön gezeichnete Dalek-Comic-Strips: The Dalek Chronicles. It’s 1965 and Beatlemania has swept the world. On TV, Gerry Anderson’s Stingray is chronicling the adventures of Aquanaut, Troy Tempest, and The Thunderbirds are awaiting their signal to ‘GO!’ On the newsstands the pseudo newspaper magazine, TV Century 21, launches, mixing stories…

Anatomy of a Dalek

Hier in groß: Anatomy of a Dalek (JPG) (via Polkarobot)

Lego Mindstorms Dalek

(Youtube Direktdalek, via Polkarobot) Hier ein schöner DIY Lego-Dalek, der in der Mitte des Videos den Hund von Bastler Marc-Andre Bazergui exterminieren will. Im Youtube-Channel von Marc-Andre gibt's noch einen Lego-Wall-E. Snip von Youtube: Doctor Who TV show has been around since the 1950's and as a huge fan of the Doctor i decided to…

Dalek Wheelchair

Ben Wake lost a leg in a motorcycle accident, so during his rehabilitation, his friends got together to build him … a Dalek wheelchair for him get around! Link

Dalek toy turned into roving surveillance bot

Take one remote control Dr Who Dalek toy, add a state of the art pinhole security camera, pair with wireless transmitter and hard disk recorder - and voila, an incognito security device for the geek office or home. This bot was made by a London security firm for an anonymous client and we got to…

DIY = Dalek It Yourself

Sure, it might look easy to make yourself your very own Dalek after watching a couple of episodes of Doctor Who, but have you really thought it all the way through? For those who have the urge to make their own versions of Russell T. Davies' favorite murderous time-spanning cyborgs, there's always Project Dalek, an…

Steampunk Dalek!


Chrome Dalek Invites Cylons To Bring It

Strictly speaking Daleks are cyborgs not robots, but they remain cyborgs that are unreasonable and grumpy enough to match the meanest robot you've ever met. With the blockbuster return of Doctor Who to the airwaves, the quality of tie-in merchandise has gone through the roof. There was always a trickle of toys and collectibles (many…

Steampunk Dalek

Alex Holden created this fantastic steampunk dalek sculpture out of a plastic Dalek bubble bath bottle Link

Ejaculate! Daleks' Ultimate Aim Revealed (NSFW)

Final proof that there's a fetish for everyone: the Daleks, the genocidal cyborgs from Doctor Who, starred in their own porn video a few years ago -- and it turns out those egg-whisk guns of theirs have a setting we never knew about. Abducted By Daleks had barely gone on sale before the BBC sued…