Glue Peeling ASMR Directors Cut

„Directors Cut“ (whatever that means for a YT-Clip) of SuperDeluxe' Glue Peeling ASMR. You asked, we listened. Here's a recut of our ASMR Glue Peeling video, now without music and 100% less "judgmental voiceover."

„Top 10 Reasons I Won't Do ASMR“-ASMR-Video

I don't get ASMR and Jenny Nicholson doesn't get ASMR either, but she's also funny. „It's gross, it's really gross.“

Glue Peeling ASMR

I don't get ASMR (Autonomous sensory meridian response). I mean, I get it from a rational point of view, that there are people who get off on it, but I don't get why there seems to be a whole semi-subcultural movement on the Web, but anyhow. Here's a young lady peeling her glitter skin made…

James Jean ASMR

James Jean hat seine Website seit Monaten nicht aktualisiert, dafür aber jede Menge fantastischer Artworks auf seinen Facebooks und Tweeties und Youtubes rausgehauen, hier ein paar Favs und ein James Jean ASMR mit Whispering, Tapping, Hand Movements, Book Sounds (Clip ganz unten, den Skull-Teller gibt's hier für nicht billige aber für 'nen Jean angemessene 99…

Dr. Pimplepopper pops Pimples on the Instagrams for yucky ASMR

1. Die Headline beim NYMag: pop! (via MeFi) 2. Die Subheadline beim NYMag: „A dermatologist finds fame among those for whom watching a pimple explode recalls the butterflies of a first kiss.“ Nochmal: „watching a pimple explode recalls the butterflies of a first kiss“. Und nochmal: „watching a pimple explode recalls the butterflies of a…