20 Things On The Internet 2012

Syzygys 2012er Internet-Wimmelbild: „Spread across this picture by Parisian illustrator Niark1 are references to 20 different events that happened on the internet in 2012. They range from big business deals to LOL-memes, with the annual nod to a deceased technology visionary and an obligatory rainbow.“ 20 Things That Happened On The Internet 2012 (via Laughing…

Charlie Brookers 2012 Wipe

 Youtube Direktwipe, via Nils Charlie Brookers Jahresrückblick 2012: „Charlie Brooker takes an irreverent look back at 2012. It was a busy year crammed full of Olympian events, including the jubilee, some elections, pussy riots, exposed regal flesh, The Valleys and also some actual Olympian events.“ Vorher auf Nerdcore: Charlie Brookers 2011 Wipe

2012 2013!

(Bild via Prosthetic Knowledge)

2012 told in Youtube-Videos

 Youtube Direkttube, via The Verge

Hype Machine Music Blog Zeitgeist 2012

Das Jahr 2012 laut Musikblogs und Hype Machines Zeitgeist 2012: The Most Blogged Artists and Tracks of the Year.

Radio VRUs 120 Ravetracks in 60 Minutes Silvestercountdown-Mix

Julius von VRU Berlin hat wie letztes Jahr einen Silvestercountdown-Mix gepostet: Hey Mom, I’m On Mars Tonight – Manford’s New Year’s Eve Mix. Diesmal sind's 120 Ravetracks in 60 Minuten, der genau um 23 Uhr gestartet mit einem Feuerwerk zum Jahreswechsel endet. Manford - 2011 - Hey Mom, I'm On Mars Tonight Die Tracklist dazu…