The Complete Roadrunner, tweetstorm'd

02.01.2018 Movies #Cartoons

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Connor Ratliff hat jeden einzelnen Road Runner-Cartoon angesehen und live auf Twitter kommentiert: „It is clear, watching these now, that the coyote's curse is that he cannot win but he also cannot die. He is in HELL.“ (via MeFi)

Almost all of the Road Runner cartoons are available via the @BoomerangToons app. I subscribed for $5 & decided I'm gonna watch & tweet about 'em all in chronological order, even the later, terrible ones, for which I have an irrational affection. Here we go. #BeepBeep #MeepMeep

Hier der ganze Thread auf Darius Kazemis Spooler, hier der Thread via diesem Hack: