Ron Muecks Giant Skulls

Ron Mueck stellt in der National Gallery of Victoria grade haufenweise Riesentotenköpfe aus. Den Mann kennt ihr mindestens von seinen superrealistischen Skulpturen riesiger Menschen, noch wahrscheinlicher aber kennt ihr Mueck als Puppeteer von Ludo in Jim Hensons Labyrinth.

In a rare interview, Mueck tells The Art Newspaper that he began Mass in his UK studio where he sculpted the original skull from clay and made some silicone moulds that would ultimately be used to cast multiple copies. “Because the original clay model gets destroyed in the moulding process, I cast out a master skull in resin to make additional moulds from,” Mueck says. “This master skull and the two moulds were shipped to Australia.”

The NGV scoped out locations around Melbourne where the rest of the skulls could be produced, rather than shipping 100 skulls across the oceans. After the NGV had sourced a fibreglass workshop that could make the skulls, Mueck travelled to Melbourne to work with them on the project.