AI writes Metal-Album

Coditany of Timeness von den Dadabots ist ein Metal-Album eines Neural Networks, das mit Diotima der Band Krallice gefüttert wurde. Und das fällt mir jetzt ein bisschen schwer, aber: Gar nicht mal so schlecht und tatsächlich überzeugend, zumindest gemessen an den ersten Ergebnissen reiner AI-Mucke.

Paper: Generating Black Metal and Math Rock: Beyond Bach, Beethoven, and Beatles

To create Coditany, the software broke “Diotima,” a 2011 album by a New York black metal band called Krallice, into small segments of audio. Then they fed each segment through a neural network — a type of artificial intelligence modeled loosely on a biological brain — and asked it to guess what the waveform of the next individual sample of audio would be. If the guess was right, the network would strengthen the paths of the neural network that led to the correct answer, similar to the way electrical connections between neurons in our brain strengthen as we learn new skills.

At first the network just produced washes of textured noise. “Early in its training, the kinds of sounds it produces are very noisy and grotesque and textural,” said CJ Carr, one of the creators of the algorithm. But as it moved through guesses — as many as five million over the course of three days — the network started to sound a lot like Krallice. “As it improves its training, you start hearing elements of the original music it was trained on come through more and more.”