Human-made Earthquakes confirmed

Es gehen immer wieder Meldungen über Erdbeben in Texas und Oklahoma rum, die in den letzten Jahren massiv zunahmen und man geht davon aus, dass sie von Fracking verursacht werden. Eine neue Studie bestätigt das jetzt mindestens für die Erdbeben in Texas, so yeah: Manmade Earthquakes are def here.

Discover Mag: Humans Are Creating the Newest Earthquake Zones in North America

they postulate that given the lack of any structural evidence of a long-term history of earthquakes in the geologic record and the very recent occurrence (since 2008) of new earthquakes in the Fort Worth Basin, there is really only one reasonable conclusion: humans. As waste-water from fracking operations is pumped into the ground, it reactivates those ancient faults that haven’t moved in hundreds of millions of years, creating the new spike in earthquakes. Wastewater injection is common in the Fort Worth Basin, so the simplest solution is that humans are creating their own earthquake hazard zone.

Cool thing is that before this study, most of the evidence that humans are triggering earthquakes was related to the notion that now there are earthquakes where there haven’t been any recently. Although that is good evidence most of the time, it isn’t conclusive as earthquake swarms can happen even in places with little seismicity, all as a part of the release of stress over millions of years on old faults. Magnani and others show that you can actually look for geologic evidence that shows whether faults have moved or not over millions of years and if they haven’t, then that new seismicity is likely being brought on by something humans are doing.