A Physical Book

Toller Beitrag zum derzeit noch laufenden Novel Generation Month 2017: A Physical Book ist ein „physikalischer“ Remix eines Texts, dessen Lettern in einer Game-Engine virtueller Gravitation, Anziehung und whatnot ausgesetzt werden, dann fotografiert der Code die neu gerenderten Seiten und fügt sie zu einem neuen „Buch“ zusammen. Nice! (Und leider alles lowrez).

A Physical Book makes a digitized book “physical” by rendering it in a simulated space where properties like gravity, friction, and velocity all apply. The program randomly perturbs the letters, then takes a snapshot at a point in time, re-assembling the images into a new, “un-digitized” book. The raw, uncorrected scanned text of The Up-To-Date Sandwich Book: 400 Ways to Make a Sandwich (1909) is re-imagined as this 251 page (50,964 words) book.

2nd Fav: Vanish Like: The Novel, eine Anwendung des „Schwindeschemas“ des alten Abracadabra-Zauberspruchs auf beliebigen Text:

apparently the word ABRACADABRA is supposed to mean "vanish like the word", and in a magic charm, you'd write it like this:


And whatever you're trying to banish would, by the power of sympathetic magic, also vanish, just like the word ABRACADABRA vanishes there, just like it says it will.

Now, this sort of vanishing trick seems amenable to computer generation. Say I wanted to start with a paragraph, and remove words one by one until they're all gone, and assemble a "vanishing novel" this way.

w.r.t. NaNoGenMo, the significant part here is not figuring out how to implement this; it's quite straightforward. The significant part is determining how many words the first paragraph should have so that the total number of words in the novel is as close to 50,000 as possible, without going under.