Plastic Plastic Everywhere

Update zum Plastic Planet: Nachdem sie vor zwei Jahren bereits das „Age of Plastic“ ausriefen und neuartiges Plastikgestein an den Stränden von Hawaii fanden, haben sie Plastik nun auch in den Bäuchen von Lebewesen auf dem Meeresboden des Marianengrabens in 11 Kilometern Tiefe gefunden. Future, yay!

Guardian: Plastics found in stomachs of deepest sea creatures

Animals from the deepest places on Earth have been found with plastic in their stomachs, confirming fears that manmade fibres have contaminated the most remote places on the planet.

The study, led by academics at Newcastle University, found animals from trenches across the Pacific Ocean were contaminated with fibres that probably originated from plastic bottles, packaging and synthetic clothes. Dr Alan Jamieson, who led the study, said the findings were startling and proved that nowhere on the planet was free from plastics pollution. […]

The study tested samples of crustaceans found in the ultra-deep trenches that span the entire Pacific Ocean – the Mariana, Japan, Izu-Bonin, Peru-Chile, New Hebrides and Kermadec trenches. These range from seven to more than 10 kilometres deep, including the deepest point in the ocean, Challenger Deep in the Mariana Trench.