Fake-Jet for Wannabe-Richkids-of-Instagram

Das russische Private Jet Studio vermietet einen rumstehenden Privatjet an Leute, die gerne Rich Kids of Instagram wären, aber weder Rich noch Kids sondern nur Instagram haben. Das Service-Äquivalent zu den Sozialneidförderprogrammen im Lifestyle-TV, einmal genau wie die Kardashians et al, kommse rein, alles voller Gold, machense Instagram. Oh the humanity. (via BoingBoing)

Telegraph: Grounded private jet for hire helps Russians fake lavish lifestyles on Instagram

Moscow-based company, the Private Jet Studio, has created a unique business by renting out a private jet for Instagram photoshoots, but there’s a catch.

Russians can experience what stepping onto a luxury private jet feels like, however they won't actually be travelling anywhere, with the plane remaining firmly on the ground during the experience.

But that hasn't stopped people from paying to rent out the Gulfstream 65 aeroplane to capture photos for Instagram bragging.

A two-hour shoot with a professional photographer costs 14,000 roubles (£185) or 11,000 roubles (£145) without. A videographer is also available for £330.

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