Laser Socks

Laser Socks, ein Game programmiert in einer Internet-of-Things-Entwicklungsumgebung mit Projektoren und Laserpointern. (via prostheticknowledge)

In August 2015, my research group (The Communications Design Group or CDG) had a game jam — an event where participants create games together over the course of a few days. The theme was to make hybrid physical/digital games using a prototype research system Bret Victor and Robert Ochshorn had made called 'Hypercard in the World'. This system was like an operating system for an entire room — it connected cameras, projectors, computers, databases, and laser pointers throughout the lab to let people write programs that would magically add projected graphics and interactivity to physical objects. The point of the jam was to see what playful things you could make with this kind of system. We ended up making […] Laser Socks.