Basil Gogos R.I.P.

Basil Gogos ist im Alter von 68 Jahren gestorben.

Der Mann hatte in den 60ern und 70ern so ungefähr alles illustriert, das mit Pulp zu tun hatte, am bekanntesten sind wohl seine knallbunten Portraits der ollen Universal Monsters und seine Cover für Famous Monsters of Filmland, aber auch sonst schuf Gogos einige der bekannteren Arbeiten für SciFi-Cover, Filmposter und Pulp-Magazine.

Von Wikipedia:

During the 1960s, Basil Gogos provided a steady stream of illustrations for a variety of New York-based publications. The majority of his work during this period was for men's adventure magazines for which he painted many scenes of World War II battles, jungle perils and crime as well as cheesecake portraits of beautiful women. However, Gogos' greatest impact as an illustrator was the work he did for Warren Publishing.

Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine, created by publisher James Warren and editor Forrest J Ackerman, premiered in 1958 and was aimed at young readers who were then discovering the classic horror films of the 1930s and 1940s on television. The magazine's covers were usually eye-catching close-ups of horror movie characters. Gogos' first work for Warren was the cover of Famous Monsters of Filmland #9 in 1960 featuring an impressionistic portrait of Vincent Price from House of Usher painted in shades of red, yellow and green. Over the next two decades, he created almost 50 covers for Famous Monsters, many of which have become iconic images of that period. Gogos also provided cover art for several other Warren magazines including Creepy, Eerie, Spaceman, Wildest Westerns and The Spirit.

Mach's gut und danke für die ganzen Monster, Basil!

Hier 10 Minuten mit Elvira & Gogos und eine ganze Reihe seiner Arbeiten (das Eerie-Cover unten ist übrigens eine Coop mit dem großen Vaughn Bodé):

Elviras Monsterama - Basil Gogos

Basil Gogos for Famous Monsters of Filmland

Basil Gogos