Hemingways 6-toed Cats are fine

Das wichtigste aus dem Hurricane Irma: Hemingsways sechszehige Katzen sind alle super drauf und sein ehemaliges Haus, in dem sie wohnen, steht auch noch: „Ernest Hemingway’s historic home on Key West, its employees and its famous 54 cats are all safe after Hurricane Irma passed through the Florida Keys early Sunday morning […] the house weathered the storm with little damage and that all its six- and seven-toed cats are OK.“

Das History Blog hat ein paar mehr Infos zu Hemingways Katzen: Irma cannot defeat cats with opposable thumbs.

One museum curator, 10 museums staffers and more than 50 cats were not persuaded. Curator of the Hemingway Home and Museum Dave Gonzales chose to stay in the historic property once inhabited by Ernest Hemingway and 10 staffers joined him. Perhaps even more beloved (and certainly better known) than the mere humans are the cats, most of them polydactyl, descended from the author’s original cats.

Hemingway loved cats and ended up with more than 50 of them. He had a great fondness for polydactyls which were considered good luck on board ships. It was a sea captain who gave Hemingway his first polydactyl, Snowball. Today the descendants of Snowball and his feline family live on the estate and have the run of the place, just as the cats did when Hemingway lived there. Most of them are neutered, with only a select few allowed to breed very rarely to ensure the population remains steady at around 50. Named after the greatest stars of pop culture, they are so famous and so popular that polydactyls, particularly those with little thumbs that make them look like they’re wearing boxing gloves, are commonly known as Hemingways.