WASD goes International

17.08.2017 Games #Magazines

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Die WASD, das beste Gaming-Magazin Deutschlands, will mit seiner nächsten Ausgabe des Bookazines den englischsprachigen Markt erobern und soll in zwei Sprachen erscheinen.

Dazu haben sie eine Kickstarter-Kampagne am Start für Distribution und Übersetzung, als Goodies gibt's von Anhalter-würdigen Handtüchern über Typo-Buch-Enden, Poster, Trading-Cards bis Stickers und schicken Blanko-Notizbüchern. Ich hab' grade 'nen Fuffi in die Kasse getan, solltet ihr auch tun.

WASD 12 is dedicated to the subject of “Fun! Fun! Fun!” and will deal with the question of what exactly draws people to video games. Where’s the fun in killing giant radioactive cockroaches for hours on end? What’s the appeal of spending your weekends managing a soccer team, pizza chain or prison? Why do some people like to harvest corn or drive trucks on their PC after they come home from work? And last but not least: do video games even need to be fun?

Given our focus on gorgeous design and high production value, WASD is not exactly cheap to produce. We also make a point of compensating all our writers and illustrators fairly for their work. For this international issue, our main expenses will be printing and translation, as well as distribution and a few one-time expenses like an English website and store page.

Publishing a bookazine like WASD isn’t easy, but we’ve gained a lot of experience over the past five years. We have a translator, we have distribution partners and the first drafts for our next issue are starting to come in, so we’re ready to go. If we can reach our funding goal, there will be an English edition of WASD at the end of 2017 and people in Rio, Tokyo and New York will finally be able to read our bookazine.