Then this happened: Cookie Monster Was Stuffed With Cocaine.

A Florida Keys man is facing a pair of felony narcotics charges after cops discovered two packages of cocaine hidden in a Cookie Monster doll that was inside the accused trafficker's backpack. According to investigators, Camus Lorenzo McNair, 39, was pulled over early this morning on a Marathon street after a sheriff’s deputy noticed that the Dodge he was driving had its license plate obscured. When McNair rolled down his window, the deputy smelled marijuana, prompting a search of the vehicle. When Deputy Orey Swilley opened the backpack, he noticed that the doll seemed a bit heavy.

Upon spotting a slit cut into the blue Sesame Street doll, Swilley probed further and retrieved a pair of packages containing cocaine (as seen at right). The seized packages, cops say, contained a total of 314 grams of cocaine (slightly more than 2/3 of a pound).