How To fake a Time-Mag-Cover like Trump did

Das Time Magazine hat Trump grade dazu aufgefordert, die gefälschten Time-Cover aus seinen Hotels zu entfernen.

The Washington Post reported on Tuesday that a framed Time cover featuring Trump and the headline “Donald Trump: The ‘Apprentice’ is a television smash!” [sic], seen hanging at Mar-a-Lago in Florida, was faked. At the top of the page, in capitals, was the proclamation: “TRUMP IS HITTING ON ALL FRONTS … EVEN TV!”

The cover was reportedly on display at four other golf clubs owned by the US president. The image, dated 1 March 2009, had never run in the magazine in any format, a Time spokeswoman said. The real March edition featured actor Kate Winslet. “I can confirm that this is not a real Time cover,” Kerri Chyka wrote to the Post. The paper said Time had asked the Trump organisation to remove the covers from display.

Kommentare zu Ironie und „Fake News“-Geschrei erspare ich Euch, aber hier das Tutorial, mit dem Goldenboys Handlanger diese unvorstellbare Mammut-Aufgabe meisterten. Die waren sogar zu faul, den Fake-Barcode aus einem 2010er Photoshop-Anleitung zu ändern. Der Barcode gehört übrigens zu einer Karaoke-Software, I kid you not. That's how your God Emperor rolls, nothing but a phony fake.

Auch schönes Detail: Trump hat sich mit seinem eigenen Fake folgende Headline in seine verkackten Hotels gehängt: „Global Warming – A new age of extinction“. Trump liest also offensichtlich nicht einmal seine eigenen Fakes. This guy, really.