Home: Holidays in Cambodia

Böser, zwingender Kurzfilm von Daniel Mulloy: In Home, „Thousands of men, women and children struggle to get into Europe as a comfortable English family leave, on what appears to be a holiday.“

Der Film bedient sich eines einfachen Tricks und zwingt den Betrachter über ein banales Urlaubs-Motiv als narratives Hauptelement in die Perspektive einer flüchtenden Familie, ohne diesem Motiv in den Bildern wirklich zu folgen. Auf diesem Weg entblöst Home mit einfachsten Mitteln die interpersonellen und persönlichen Traumata, die ein Krieg und eine Flucht zur Folge haben. Ganz großes Kino und zurecht Best British Short-Gewinner während der BAFTA-Awards.

Aus einem Interview mit Mulloy auf Short Of The Week:

Arriving back in the UK, after a long time away, there seemed to have been a swing towards xenophobia and the dehumanizing and vilify of both migrants and refugees was happening at the highest levels. I wanted to create a short that would address this trend and that was how the idea for Home came about.

How we behave under stress is an indicator of who we are as individuals, as communities and as a nation. We know that there is an extreme humanitarian crisis going on. Sixty million people have been forced to flee their homes because of conflict and persecution – the highest number since the second world war. From here in the UK those sixty million can seem distant. With Home we wanted to create a very human snapshot and show how despite the horror – our greatest strengths of love and connection, often remain.