1st Tank-Girl-Zine 30th Anniversary-Reprint

Vor dreißig Jahren veröffentlichten Jamie Hewlett, Philip Bond and Alan Martin ihr erstes Comic-Zine Atom Tan in einer sensationellen Auflage von ein paar hundert Stück, manuell fotokopiert und verkauft an ihre Kommilitonen für 50 Cent. In diesem Zine gab es eine einseitige Anzeige für eine ihrer ersten Comic-Figuren: Tank Girl, und für die wurden alle drei weltberühmt, wie wir heute alle wissen.

Hier die Story des ersten Tank Girl-Auftritts von Wikipedia:

Martin and Hewlett first met in the mid-1980s in Worthing, when Martin was in a band with Philip Bond called the University Smalls. One of their tracks was a song called "Rocket Girl". They had started adding the suffix 'girl' to everything habitually after the release of the Supergirl movie, but "Rocket Girl" was a student at college who Bond had a crush on and apparently bore a striking resemblance to a Love and Rockets character. They began collaborating on a comic/fanzine called Atomtan, and while working on this, Jamie had drawn

a grotty looking beefer of a girl brandishing an unfeasible firearm. One of our friends was working on a project to design a pair of headphones and was basing his design on the type used by World War II tank driver. His studio in Worthing was littered with loads of photocopies of combat vehicles. Alan pinched one of the images and gave it to Jamie who then stuck it behind his grotty girl illustrations and then added a logo which read 'Tank Girl'.

Zum dreißigsten Jubiläum von Atom Tan gibt es nun ein 30th Anniversary Special („with 633 Patch!“), ein Reprint des Hefts mit einem Poster der Tank Girl-Anzeige und einem „fully embroidered '633 Squadron' patch - a replica of the sew-on gang patch worn by the boys during the Atom Tan era“.

Ich hab' mir meine Tank Girl-Roots gestern nacht bereits bestellt, ein paar der 500 Exemplare sind noch zu haben und sie kosten grade mal 10 Pfund, ein paar weitere Pics gibt's bei DJ Food.

In June 1987, while still studying at Worthing Art College, Jamie Hewlett, Phil Bond, and I launched our first published work - Atom Tan issue #1 - printed on the staff photocopier and selling amongst fellow students for fifty pence. Since then, the comic has become a minor legend, having been the birth place of Tank Girl in her own one-page advert. Original copies are very rare, fetching high prices when they come up at auctions.

Now, exactly thirty later, we are offering a special anniversary edition, printed at half-size (A5) and retaining all of its original photocopied blemishes and drop-outs, it looks exactly as it did three decades ago. 28 pages, hand-signed on the back cover by myself (Alan, Tank Girl co-creator), with space of further signatures.

Along with the Atom Tan comic itself, you will receive a fully embroidered "633 Squadron" patch - a replica of the sew-on gang patch worn by the boys during the Atom Tan era, designed by Jamie and Phil in the spring of 1987 (12 x 8 cm). Also in the pack is a large format A2 fold-out Atom Tan Poster Magazine, featuring the original 1987 Tank Girl page on one side, and the story of Atom Tan (along with unseen photos and artwork) on the other. Hand signed on the poster side in fade-proof ink by myself. As a bonus, you will also receive a one-and-a-half inch Atom Tan badge/pin, featuring Phil Bond's original logo from the comic.

We think this is the most collectable item we've ever produced, as it not only represents the first printed appearance of Tank Girl, but also the first published work of Jamie Hewlett.