Alex Ross does Yellow Submarine

Comic-Legende Alex Ross, bekannt für seine gemälde-artigen, realistischen Cover für DC und Marvel, malt die Beatles und Yellow Submarine. Prints gibt's nur für sauteuer Geld: „a museum-quality reproduction process on fine art watercolor paper“ kostet 2000 Dollar in Alex Ross' Shop, Lithos und Mini-Leinwand nur schlappe 200. (via DJFood)

Die Artworks malte er bereits 2015 und stellte den ersten Print auf der ComicCon damals vor:

Aus einem Rolling Stone-Artikel von damals:

The first fruit of [Ross and Apple Records' Coop] was a six-foot-wide print of the band; a painterly, CinemaScope-style re-envisioning of the distinctly cartoony, two-dimensional imagery from the Beatles' 1968 animated movie Yellow Submarine.

"I was very much raised on that film," Ross tells Rolling Stone, "so I know every detail of it, and I can import that into my work, as though it was a live-action film that they starred in. I was warned at the outset that they might not get approval from the [John Lennon and George Harrison] estates to release it formally — that it was a kind of test. I thought I might not get another chance at this, so I wanted to put everything plus the kitchen sink in one piece of art."

The initial Yellow Submarine print turned out well enough, though, that Apple and Ross now have an ongoing relationship. Next up is a set of four images that Ross is working on now: portraits of the individual Beatles, each surrounded by vignettes from Yellow Submarine, and again illustrated in Ross's modeled, hyper-realistic style rather than Heinz Edelmann's stylized, flat designs from the actual movie. (The portrait of Ringo Starr includes a scene based on the film's sequence in which time goes backwards and the Beatles are turned into younger versions of themselves; Ross worked from reference photos of what the four of them actually looked like as children [ed: And he made Sergeant Pepper look like a young John Cleese on that image, too].)