Adam „Batman“ West R.I.P.

Fährste weg, willste Vortrag halten, kriegste Notebook geklaut, hältste trotzdem Vortrag zur allgemeinen Zufriedenheit aller Anwesenden, kiffste Joints am Mainufer zu Live-Chiptunes, diskutierste fünfdimensionales Storytelling von künstlichen Intelligenzen, babbelste wieder Hessisch in no time, kommste heim, lieste Batman is tot, denkste: Oh no!

Adam West, Darsteller des Batman in der 1966er Camp-Serie, die dem bis dahin dunklen Rächer den Fun und die Farben und die Lautmalerei im Bewegtbild beibrachte, ist im Alter von 88 Jahren an den Folgen seiner Leukämie-Erkrankung gestorben. Cancer is an asshole, batman.

Adam West, the classically handsome baritone actor who turned a comic-book superhero into live-action Pop Art in the 1960s television series “Batman,” died on Friday in Los Angeles. He was 88.

The cause was leukemia, according to Molly Schoneveld, a family spokeswoman.

“Batman” lasted only two and a half seasons, from January 1966 to March 1968. But the show was such a phenomenon that Mr. West appeared in costume on the cover of Life magazine, the highest tribute to national popularity at the time.

The show’s off-kilter camera angles and superimposed dialogue balloons representing fight-scene sound effects like “pow!” and “splat!” were among the elements that led it to be viewed as high camp. Mr. West dismissed that label but proudly described the show as farce.

Hier die offizielle Rangfolge der Batmen laut West in seinem Auftritt in der Big Bang Theory: „It should be me, Keaton, Kilmer, Lego, Bale, and the pretty boy Clooney.“ (Poor Goldenage-Lewis Wilson and poor Goldenage-Lambert Hillyer, the Batmen of the first 2 serials who always get left out for whatever reasons).

Rolling Stone: Why Adam West Was the One and Only Batman.

West played Bruce Wayne not as a tormented orphan, but as a swinging millionaire playboy whose one true love was the secret Batcave in his basement where he could live out all the most lurid American male fantasies. He lived in his stately Wayne Manor along with his youthful ward Dick Grayson (Burt Ward) who shared Bruce Wayne's secret life as his masked protégé Robin. They had plenty of sexual tension themselves.

The whole show was a parade of show-biz fantasies run amok. Stars like Sammy Davis Jr. or Jerry Lewis would randomly show up to banter with Batman, popping their heads through the window while he was scaling a building. Pop starlet Lesley Gore was one of Catwoman’s hench-kittens, singing her hit "California Nights." When Gore pleaded, "I'm just a rock & roll singer — I'm not a crook," Newmar rolled her eyes and sniffed, "Oh, forget it. You're 20 years old. You’re over the hill."

West's Batman beat down the bad guys (Biff! Pow!) to defend Gotham from slumming Hollywood legends like Vincent Price (Egghead!), Tallulah Bankhead (Black Widow!) or most slinkily of all, Joan Collins as the Siren. Film freaks loved to play Six Degrees of Batman, because every show-biz career seemed to intersect with this world — like the way Anne Baxter played Zelda the Great, a week after her All About Eve nemesis George Sanders played Mr. Freeze, before his ex-wife Zsa Zsa Gabor shut down the series as Minerva.

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