Annotated Yankee Hotel Foxtrot

29.05.2017 Music #Album

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Neue Folge von Pitchforks Liner Notes über eins meiner wenigen Alt-Country-Lieblingsalben, natürlich Wilcos 2002er Album Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, das beinahe nicht erschienen wäre, weil es das Label der Band für „unfertig“ hielt und mit dem zerschossenen, fragmentierten Songwriting nichts anfangen konnte. Heute gilt es als eins der besten Alben der Aughts (00er) und ist Wilcos bislang größter Hit, „beautiful and stoned“.

As one of the founders of Uncle Tupelo, Jeff Tweedy helped jumpstart the alt-country movement in the early 1990s. But in Wilco – the band that rose from Uncle Tupelo’s ashes – the singer-songwriter set his sights on more ambitious musical adventures. Explore their classic album Yankee Hotel Foxtrot in this episode of Liner Notes.

Shiny, shiny pants and bleach-blond hair
A double kick drum by the river in the summer
She fell in love with the drummer

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When you're back in your old neighborhood
The cigarettes taste so good
But you're so misunderstood
You're so misunderstood

There's something there that you can't find
You look honest when you're telling a lie
You hurt her but you don't know why
You love her but you don't know why

Short on long term goals
There's a party there that we ought to go to
If you still love rock and roll
You still love rock and roll?

It's only a quarter to three
Reflecting off of your CD
You're looking at a picture of me
You're staring at a picture of me

Take the guitar player for a ride
'Cause he ain't never been satisfied
He thinks he owes some kind of debt
It'll be years before he gets over it

There's a fortune inside your head
When all you touch turns to lead
You think you might just crawl back in bed
With the fortune inside your head

I know you're just a mama's boy
You're positively unemployed
So misunderstood
So misunderstood

I know you've got a god-shaped hole
You're bleeding out your heart full of soul
You're so misunderstood
You're so misunderstood
You're so misunderstood
You're so misunderstood

I'd like to thank you all for nothing
I'd like to thank you all for nothing at all
I'd like to thank you all for nothing
Nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing at all
Nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing at all