Photos from the Body Farm

Großartige, teilweise sehr verstörende Bilder von Robert Shults von einer Body Farm in Texas, dem größten Outdoor-Verwesungs-Labor der Welt. Die Bilder sind stellenweise sehr hart und natürlich immer creepy, allerdings auch spooky-wundervoll in ihrer detaillierten Darstellung der Banalität und seltsamen Schönheit des Zerfalls des menschlichen Körpers. (via Hyperallergic)

San Marcos, Texas, thirty miles south of Austin, is the site of one of the most unique facilities in all of science: The Forensic Anthropology Center at Texas State University, home to the world's largest outdoor human decomposition laboratory. In this idyllic hill country setting, a dauntless and magnanimous team of scientists studies even the most minute details of the post-mortem process, keeping a constant devoted vigil over their donors' bodies until they have returned almost entirely to the earth.

Faculty and graduate researchers develop and test new techniques for the identification and analysis of human remains, and train law enforcement professionals on proper recovery and investigatory procedures.

They consult on open forensic cases, including the throngs of undocumented migrants who die each year attempting to cross the south Texas desert, and maintain one of the most extrensive human skeletal reference collections in the nation, all the time focused on a singular mission: to give voice to the nameless and to bring home with dignity those who have been wronged by their fellow man.