The Internet Warriors

Sehr interessante Mini-Doku von Kyrre Lien, der drei Jahre lang Hater aus Comment-Sections zuhause besucht, befragt und fotografiert hat. Das Buch kann man hier bestellen, hier die Website zum Projekt.

Und for the record: Der Guardian titelt Inside the dark world of online 'trolls'. Dazu muss man festhalten, dass die meisten dieser Leute keine „Trolle“ sind, sondern das, was zum Beispiel Ingrid Brodnig in ihrem Buch Hass im Netz als Glaubenskrieger bezeichnet. Die sind verwandt, aber nicht identisch, und die Unterscheidung ist wichtig. Sollten die Experten vom Guardian eigentlich wissen.

Who are the people that get so angry online? Why do so many of them choose to harass people, threaten people, and stretch the freedom of speech to its limits? More than a third of us participate in online debates, according to research done by Pew Research Centre. During the last three years, documentarist Kyrre Lien, have traveled across the globe to meet The Internet Warriors across the world. From the fjords in Norway, to the U.S. desert, a boat in Denmark and an apartment in Lebanon.

Tens of thousands of comments have been read to narrow it down to the group now presented as a documentary, book and exhibition. Some of the ones portrayed are some of the most active debaters the Internet has to offer. The selection of people tries to be representative of the people who debate and is based on demographic statistics from the book “Likes – dislikes”, as well as research done by Pew Research Centre.

He has met the men who generally are a bit older and turn the comments section into a masculine arena, and the women, who more often choose Facebook – a much younger arena. Research also shows that the ones who are very active in debates online are somewhat more critical to immigration and trust the government less than others. Meet The Internet Warriors – in their own cave.

Der Guardian hat ein paar der Bilder und die Storys hinter den Leuten, der Typ auf dem Bild ganz oben ist Robert und der würde gerne Tony Blair aufhängen, weil er ein „traitor to his people“ ist, also ein „Volksverräter“, was ja auch bei uns ein gerne gebrachter „Vorwurf“ der AFD-Ottos ist:

Robert Jackson spends hours every day commenting online. Recently he wrote that Tony Blair should be hanged. “I stand by that,” he says. “I’d gladly put the rope around his neck. He’s a traitor to his people.”

Jackson’s primary concern is immigration: he believes Britain will “fall apart” under the weight of refugees. “I really don’t care where they are from, or which war they are fleeing.” What makes it worse, he says, and the reason he is particularly angry at the government, is that it cost him so much to bring over his Thai wife. “I had to pay thousands to get my wife here from Thailand. Her visa only lasts for six months, and then she has to go back. And then we have to do the same thing all over again.”