Snakisms explain 22 Philosophies

Hübsche Snake-Variationen von Pippin Barr, der anhand des Games alle möglichen Philosophien und Ismen erklärt: Im Kapitalismus kostet jeder Apfel 10 Dollar nach 5 Stück kann man sich keine mehr leisten, Post-Apokalypsismus (wat?) is a wasteland, Optimismus ist purer Apfelporno, Pessimismus ist ein kleineres Spielfeld, Narzismus schickt eine Mail an Pippin usw. (via MeFi)

Life is meaningless! Maybe you need some kind of ism to attempt to ward off the inevitable and unavoidable despair! Here, have some isms made of snakes! Life is still meaningless but now you have a bunch of snakes as well! Thank me later!

Aus Pippins Blog:

SNAKISMS is a kind of spiritual successor to PONGS and BREAKSOUT in that it’s multiple versions of a classic game (Snake), with the change this time being that I’m trying to convey different “isms” or philosophies through the mechanics of the game by making small changes. The process here has very much been cerebral – sitting down with a notebook or my laptop and literally just writing down the names of philosophies and trying to work out how you could make a game of Snake out of them. There was no need for any coding or anything because it’s such a simple game – so the whole thing can be pretty much designed without touching development at all.

Pippin Barr auf Nerdcore:
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