Nokia 3310 Putin-Edition

Die Designer der Luxus-Handys für russische Oligarchen haben sich dem neuen Nokia 3310 Tribute-Phone angenommen und eine $1700 Dollar teure Variante namens Supremo Putin aus Titanium gestaltet, mit Putin-Portrait aus Gold und handgraviertem Schnickschnack. Trump digs it, too. Love.

The Caviar Nokia 3310 Supremo Putin is a version of the 3310 that features a titanium housing, gold trimming across the border and the picture of Russian president Vladimir Putin at the back. Because what better way to commemorate the president than engrossing his face on a device that’s long associated with durability. According to the makers of the Supremo Putin, “The return of the cult phone from Nokia did not go unnoticed by Caviar designers, who immediately after the appearance of the official information about the new edition of the 3310 model, presented their version of the design of this phone with gold, giving it luxury, style, and a real Russian character.”

All this real Russian character isn’t cheap though. This version of the Nokia 3310 will cost you $1700, translated from the price tag of 99,000 Rubles