They Live Brainwashing-TV-Set-Toys

Großartiges They Live-Toy aus Hong Kong, jede Menge Miniatur-Plastikfernseher mit den sublimen Gehirnwäsche-Befehlen der Alien-Oppressors. Gibt's hier ab 15 Dollar und ich will die White-Noise-Kiste in „the color of television, tuned to a dead channel“. So geil! (Danke Swen!)

A set of 12 TV Screen design is inspired by the movie “They Live” brainwashing scene. […]

About Awesome Toy “Brainwash TV”: Inspired by the Indie Toy scene’s extensive selection of “platform” toys – figures that can be customised. The vintage-styled TV’s unique take on the idea is set to offer sofubi painters, designer toy customisers and even illustrators more scope for creativity than ever before. Featuring an ingenious, fully-adaptable design, the deceptively simple soft vinyl cube has been fitted with a removable front “screen” panel, meaning that not only can the outer shell be painted, re-sculpted or mashed-up with other figures! But it can also be used to display prints, drawings, photos or even various items inside- the possibilities are limitless!