RechtsLinks 14.2.2017: Got Milk?, Trump-Memetics, Höcke soll raus, Anon infiltriert den KKK

Lest erstmal diesen kurzen Artikel von Mic: Milk is the new, creamy symbol of white racial purity in Donald Trump's America:

Amid all the tattoos of Third Reich iconography bouncing around [at Shia LaBeoufs Livestream], one thing stood out: The neo-Nazis were all drinking milk. They spat it out as they danced, letting it dribble down their chins. […] So how did milk become a symbol of white pride?

Milk has shown up as a trope across all sorts of media dealing with Nazis, but not as an explicit symbol of white pride. Some white supremacists think white ethnic identity has a geographic, historical correlation with the body's tolerance for milk — specifically, the production of the lactase enzyme that allows humans to break down lactose.

On 4chan, the internet's hate speech hit factory, one anonymous poster laid this thesis out using the following graphic from a study in Nature, showing hotspots of where certain populations have higher milk tolerances. The discussion thread also contained references to seemingly benign academic studies of "Lactose tolerance in a Slavic population," conversations about whether modern industry has tainted the purity of milk, and several milk-based poems about white pride.

Und dann diesen kurzen Artikel auf Age of Shitlords: Mic falls for 4chan joke, concludes that milk is racist:

There’s an old meme on 4chan’s /pol/ board based on the premise that only white people are capable of drinking milk. The meme stipulates that drinking milk is a white-only activity and that people of other races, simply cannot drink milk. The fact that this meme exists is not at all surprising, image boards like 4chan are home to some of the most offensive and racially stereotypical jokes. This milk joke exists on the same level as jokes that, for example, suggest that black people don’t have fathers or that Muslims (“kebabs”, as /pol/ would call them”), are all terrorists.

Nobody actually takes these memes literally. Just as nobody thinks every black person on the planet is fatherless, or every Muslim on the planet is a terrorists, nobody on 4chan actually believes that the ability to drink milk in genetic. Its just ironic meme shitposting.

1.) Zweifelsohne sind im Youtube-Clip der Milch-Party ein ganzer Haufen Trump-Fanboys zu sehen und mindestens einer mit eindeutigen Nazi-Tattoos (Bild rechts, Politische Bildung Brandenburg: „Die sog. 'Schwarze Sonne' ist in Verbindung mit der Kombination aus Tyr-Rune und Wolfsangel Teil des Logos des neurechten Thule Seminars. Die Schwarze Sonne war während des Dritten Reichs insbesondere bei Okkultisten aus dem Umfeld der SS beliebt“, „Von Rohr“ spielt offenbar auf ein altes preußisches Adelsgeschlecht an.)

2.) #MilkTwitter

3.) Richard Spencers (Erfinder des Terms „Alt-Right“) aktueller Twitter-Nickname mit Milchglas (Bild rechts).

Diese Milch-Episode geht ziemlich nah an den Kern meiner noch zu formulierenden Kritik des Trollings: Symbole erhalten ihre Bedeutung durch Gebrauch. Ein Troll, der ein antisemitisches Pepe-Bild shared, bleibt zunächst ein Troll, wenn auch ein unangenehmer. Shared er Memes ähnlicher Gattung über längere Zeiträume, gewinnen die geteilten Symbole neue Bedeutung und werden durch ihre Verbreitung nicht-ironisch aufgegriffen, ihre neue, veränderte Bedeutung festigt sich und Milch oder Pepe gewinnen im Kontext des Gebrauchs durch Alt-Right-Nazis eine symbolische Bedeutung für rechte Politik. Und die wiederum fällt auf den Troll zurück, dessen Ironie-Ausflüchte in Folge nicht mehr greifen, da die sich die Bedeutung des Symbols im Prozess wandelt.

Deshalb ist es falsch zu behaupten, Mic sei „auf eine Meme hereingefallen“ (Mic zitiert darüber hinaus explizit 4chan). Die Meme (die sich noch sehr viel weiter zurückverfolgen lässt: von 2013 etwa oder Dany Peschls 2011er Foto-Serie Disturbation) wird durch den „ironischen“ Gebrauch unironischer Nazis wie Mike Spencer zu einem echten Symbol der Rechten. Das Symbol verliert dadurch zwar nicht seine ursprünglichen Bedeutungen (Milch: Unschuld, Reinheit, Mutter, Nahrung), die neue Bedeutung verliert durch ihren neuen Kontext allerdings ihren ironischen Charakter und tritt neben alle weiteren Bedeutungen des Symbols. (Allerdings: Im Fall der Swastika etwa ist die neue Bedeutung des Symbols durch den historischen Verlauf so massiv stärker, dass sie alte Bedeutungen schlicht komplett überschreibt.)

Ich vermute, Wittgenstein und hätte sehr viel zu sagen über die Bedeutung von Milch im Jahr 2017 und deshalb sollte ich mein Handbuch der Semiotik mal durcharbeiten, weil ich hab ja sonst nix zu lesen am Start.

Emotionale Ansteckung, Memetik und Trump-Tweets: The Conversation: When Trump’s tweets are angry, the mood of his followers darkens (sloppy Methodology here I think, but still worth a read):

President Donald Trump has shown a unique ability to use Twitter as a way to connect directly with his followers. His tweets show his supporters what he is thinking, directly and unvarnished. Less well appreciated, but apparent in our research based on new polling, is how Trump’s anger and its targets are quickly adopted and internalized by large numbers of his followers. What he says, they say. What he believes, they believe. How is it that Donald Trump’s tweets have this kind of power? I contend that much of the explanation is in the power of memes.

a unique type of poll from Penn State’s McCourtney Institute for Democracy allowed us to begin tracking the development and transmission of these memes. […]

The most recent poll took place one week after Election Day in November 2016. This was in the immediate aftermath of protests that erupted after the election and which continued for several days at colleges, universities and major cities across the country. In response, just two days after his election, Trump tweeted: „Just had a very open and successful presidential election. Now professional protesters, incited by the media, are protesting. Very unfair!“ […]

When we asked Trump supporters to tell us – without being prompted – what made them angry, one-third mentioned these protests. Another 11 percent mentioned the media. It is possible that the same people mentioned both; each response receives up to three codes. That means that over 40 percent of Trump supporters were angry about exactly the issues raised in Donald Trump’s tweet. […]

Another difference is that Trump supporters weren’t just angry; they were very angry. Seventy-three percent of Trump supporters answering “the media” said they were extremely angry, as did 58 percent of those who said the protesters made them angry. Indeed, the protests consumed Trump supporters. Another 15 percent gave answers about groups and individuals who sounded an awful lot like those who were protesting, even if the protesters themselves were not explicitly mentioned. For example, a 27-year-old Trump supporter wrote that he was angry about “my idiot generation being sore losers.”

These voters had a remarkably similar take on these protests, using words that reflect directly on Trump’s tweets.

Boing Boing: Anonymous infiltrated the KKK by friending Blue Lives Matter supporters on Facebook: „The Anonymous activists behind 'OpKKK' -- which infiltrated and unmasked Klan members, including many in US military and police departments -- began by creating thin-but-plausible fake identities on Facebook that signalled support for 'Blue Lives Matter'. By friending other accounts that indicated support for Blue Lives Matter, they found themselves being auto-suggested friendships with KKK members.“

The Nation: The Religious Right Helped Put Trump in Office—Now He Owes Them Big.

the Golden Fleece for the Christian right is control of the Supreme Court. It’s conventional wisdom that voters don’t care about the Supreme Court, and certainly there’s some truth to that on the left. (“People power!”) However, with three justices 78 or older and Scalia’s seat still open, the Christian right spotted its opportunity: With Trump in power, it could shape the Court for the next 30 or even 40 years. Trump’s first nominee, Neil Gorsuch, is the perfect vehicle: a far-right judge with impeccable credentials, already unanimously approved by Senate Dems for the federal appeals court, who wrote a concurring opinion in the Hobby Lobby decision supporting the right of some owners of secular businesses to deny birth-control coverage to their employees on religious grounds.

With another nomination like Gorsuch, the Christian right would have the five votes needed to overturn Roe v. Wade and a whole lot more.

Politico: The Two Kinds of Trump Voters – Broadly speaking, the president's white working class supporters come in two types. Democrats have a shot at one of them:

First, there are those who support Trump primarily because they agree with the authoritarian, nationalist moral order he seeks to establish. We’ll call them the Nationalists. Second, there are those who support Trump primarily because they believe he embodies a cleansing of establishment politics that has left white working-class people poorer and forgotten over recent decades. We’ll call them the Exasperated.

The Democrats might never hope to gain the support of Nationalists, for whom Trump is a messianic figure—but they might hope to gain the support of the Exasperated, who are wary of Trump and voted for him out of frustration with the past few decades of politics, embodied by Hillary Clinton.

Politico: Trump impeached? You can bet on it

Gambling houses all over the world are taking in action on whether Trump, inaugurated just last month, will resign or be impeached. And the odds aren’t as long as you might think.

Ladbrokes, the British oddsmaking giant, has Trump’s chances of leaving office via resignation or impeachment and removal at just 11-to-10, or just a little worse than even money. The odds of Trump being impeached this year in the House of Representatives are only 4-to-1, according to the Irish bookmaker Paddy Power, despite GOP control of the chamber. You can win $180 on a $100 bet with Bovada, the online gaming site, that Trump won’t make it through a full term — though the bet is off if Trump passes away during the next four years.

Popcorn! Tagesspiegel: AfD-Vorstand will Höcke aus Partei ausschließen: „Unterstützer von Höcke sprachen auf einer Facebook-Seite 'Kein Parteiausschluss von Björn Höcke' von einer 'fürchterlichen Fehlentscheidung' und forderten die Absetzung des Bundesvorstandes. Sie schrieben weiter, das Vorgehen sei ein Weg in den Mainstream, der Weg zur Annäherung an die Altparteien, der Weg an die Futtertröge, 'dafür sind wir nicht angetreten'.“

spOnline: Wirbel um Hitler-Bild in Chatgruppe der Nürnberger AfD: „'Adolf, bitte melde dich! Deutschland braucht dich! Das Deutsche Volk!' Garniert mit diesem Zusatz hat eine Nürnberger AfD-Bundestagskandidatin in einer Chatgruppe der Partei ein Hitler-Bild verbreitet. […] Dem 'Merkur' sagte sie, sie wünsche sich Adolf Hitler 'auf keinen Fall' zurück. 'Ich distanziere mich von Rechtsextremismus und Antisemitismus', sagte Roon dem Blatt.“ Wahlkampf mit Nazi-Vergleichen: „Moscheen seien wie 'Nazi-Tempel', der Koran wie 'Mein Kampf': Mit radikalen Thesen will der Rechtspopulist Geert Wilders die Wahl in den Niederlanden gewinnen.“

Telepolis: Geert Wilders droht mit Wähler-Revolte auf der Straße: „Bei einem Fernsehauftritt zur Endphase des Wahlkampfs sagte er voraus, dass den Niederlanden eine Revolte bevorstehen könnte, wenn seine PVV von dem Wahlergebnis 'nicht profitieren' könne. Er fügte hinzu, dass es eine 'gewaltfreie Revolte' sein würde.“

Thomas Piketty fordert ein Grundeinkommen, zunächst für junge Leute zwischen 18 und 25 Jahren und Geringverdiener: LeMonde: For a credible and bold basic income: „the question of a basic income concerns primarily young people and low wage-earners. This poses serious questions which deserve to be given sound answers. But these answers do exist. A basic income must be built stage by stage. Its introduction at the start of the next five-year period, for those between the ages of 18 and 25, is likely to boost the autonomy of our young people and to act as a response to what today constitutes the conditions for obtaining a further qualification and starting a working life.“

Alberne Headline auf spOnline: Frankreich: Messias der Mitte: „Macron hat es geschafft, sich von Anfang als Kandidat außerhalb des Polit-Establishments zu inszenieren. Nötig sei nicht weniger als eine "Revolution" in Frankreich - so der Titel seiner politischen Biographie. Unter allen Kandidaten für die Wahl führt er das Beliebtheitsbarometer des Wirtschaftsblattes "Les Echos" derzeit mit 41 Prozent an. Eine aktuelle Umfrage von Opinionway gibt Macron die besten Chancen, die Rechtspopulistin Marine Le Pen zu schlagen: Bei einer Stichwahl würde er demzufolge 63 Prozent erreichen, Le Pen 37 Prozent.“