RechtsLinks 2.2.2017: Milo Fuckopoulos bleibt draußen, /r/AltRight is gone und Wahrheit ist die Erfindung eines Lügners


Berkley News: Milo Yiannopoulos event canceled after violence erupts: „Amid an apparently organized violent attack and destruction of property at UC Berkeley’s Martin Luther King Jr. Student Union, the UC Police Department (UCPD) determined it was necessary to evacuate controversial speaker Milo Yiannopoulos from campus and to cancel his scheduled 8 p.m. performance. Yiannopoulos had been invited by the Berkeley College Republicans. […] The violence was instigated by a group of about 150 masked agitators who came onto campus and interrupted an otherwise non-violent protest.“


Los Angeles Times: Violent protests force cancellation of speech by Breitbart's Milo Yiannopoulos at UC Berkeley:

A speech by conservative firebrand and British writer Milo Yiannopoulos was canceled at UC Berkeley on Wednesday amid violent protests that sparked a fire in a campus plaza.

University officials called off the event about two hours before Yiannopoulos was to speak at the student union, where more than 1,500 people had gathered outside. Some hurled metal barricades and others smashed windows at the student union.

spOnline: US-Uni Berkeley – Krawalle bei Protesten gegen 'Breitbart'-Blogger: „'Natürlich ist es ein linker Campus, deswegen hassen sie alle Konservativen, die es wagen, ihre Meinung zu äußern', so Yiannopoulos: 'Insbesondere mich mögen sie nicht.'“

Ein bisschen Kontext zum „Nicht mögen“ von Fuckopoulos, die die Riots etwas verständlicher machen: Alt-Right Troll Milo Yiannopoulos Uses Campus Visit to Openly Mock a Transgender Student: „He spoke at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, where he was invited by a conservative student group, and he used his platform to mock a transgender student, displaying her name and photo prominently onscreen. In critiquing leftist criticism of the phrase 'man up', Yiannopoulos said around the 49:52 mark, 'I’ll tell you one UW-Milwaukee student that does not need to man up.' He then showed the student’s photo. 'Have any of you come into contact with this person?' he asked. 'This quote unquote nonbinary trans woman forced his way into the women’s locker rooms this year.'“

[update] This already escalated Escalation escalated quickly:

Bildschirmfoto 2017-02-02 um 12.31.59

Um das klar zu sagen: Ich hielt sehr viele Angriffe auf Fuckopoulos in der Vergangenheit für übertrieben. Dann hatte er allerdings in Wisconsin gezeigt, wie er sein Rederecht in Bildungs-Institutionen gebraucht, nämlich diskriminierend und zwar in einer Form, die auch nach amerikanischem Recht wahrscheinlich nicht mehr von der Redefreiheit gedeckt ist und gegen den Civil Rights Act verstößt, insbesondere innerhalb einer Institution. Ich habe daher, auch wenn die Gewalt insgesamt abzulehnen ist – im Zuge der Ausschreitungen wurden friedliche Konservative mit Pfefferspray besprüht und geschlagen – vollstes Verständnis für die Proteste im Vorfeld, denn hier geht es um Minderheitenschutz in Institutionen und Solidarität unter Studenten.


Reddit hat /r/altright plattgemacht: Daily Beast: Reddit Bans Alt-Right Group:

Reddit, the enormous online community-run forum, announced on Wednesday night that it was banning the white nationalist subreddit r/altright, due to “posting of personal information,” otherwise known as doxxing.

“Reddit is the proud home to some of the most authentic conversations online,” a statement provided to The Daily Beast by the company read. “We strive to be a welcoming, open platform for all by trusting our users to maintain an environment that cultivates genuine conversation and adheres to our content policy.”

Reddit: Statement by /u/MortalSisyphus, former mod of /r/altright.

„Redditors have a different theory about why r/altright was banned: right-wing infighting.“


Business Insider: Trump administration: 'As of today, we're officially putting Iran on notice': „Flynn said Iran had violated UN Security Council Resolution 2231, which prohibits Iran from designing missiles capable of delivering nuclear weapons. But a European Union representative said on Tuesday at the UN Security Council that Iran's test did not violate the resolution. Experts have told Business Insider that Iran's missile launches violate the spirit of the resolution but that the language of the resolution remains ambiguous on missile testing.“

Center of Investigative Reporting: Draft of Trump executive order allows firing based on religion: „If enacted, the plan could allow employers to deny health care benefits for birth control. In addition, federally funded groups could prevent married same-sex couples from adopting. Under the draft order, federal employees could refuse to do their jobs if work duties violate their beliefs. It would create a section or group within the U.S. Department of Justice to enforce the order.“

Business Insider: Report: In a 'humiliating' and 'threatening' tone, Trump lambasted Mexico's president during a phone call: „Donald Trump disparaged Mexico and threatened to use military force against the drug trade, according to Dolia Estevez, a journalist based in Washington, DC. In an interview with the Mexican news outlet Aristegui Noticias, Estevez, who cited sources on both sides of the call, said, 'It was a very offensive conversation where Trump humiliated Peña Nieto.'“

LA Times: Mexican government says Trump never threatened to send troops to Mexico: „The Mexican government on Wednesday vehemently denied reports that President Trump threatened to send American soldiers into Mexico during a phone call with Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto.“


Daily Mail (not a trustworthy source, this looks credible however): Trump's Supreme Court pick founded and led club called 'Fascism Forever' at his elite all-boys Washington prep school: „The yearbook described the ‘Fascism Forever Club’ as an anti-faculty student group that battled against the 'liberal' views of the school administration. ‘In political circles, our tireless President Gorsuch’s “Fascism Forever Club” happily jerked its knees against the increasingly “left-wing” tendencies of the faculty,’ said the yearbook.“

Electronic Intifada: Email from 2007 ties Trump adviser Stephen Miller to neo-Nazi Richard Spencer: „An email obtained by The Electronic Intifada confirms that Stephen Miller, a senior adviser to Trump, worked directly with Spencer when the pair were at Duke University a decade ago.“

NBC: Donald Trump appoints creationist college president to lead higher education reform taskforce: „At Mr Falwell’s Lynchburg campus, the science hall is reportedly stocked with the latest laboratory equipment, including a gene sequencer and a nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer. However, faculty members teach evolution alongside biblical creationism.“

„Jerry Falwell Jr. will be leading Trump’s higher education task force. Here’s a science textbook I was assigned at his school in 2007.“


Wenige Tage nach dem Terroranschlag eines Nazi-Trolls auf eine Moschee in Quebec: Trump Just Removed White Supremacist Groups From Terror Watch Program.

Reuters reports that the Trump regime is implementing a new change to America’s domestic terrorism programs that will officially install religious profiling against Muslims and remove the dangerous white supremacist extremist groups who are responsible for much violence across the United States from the watch lists.

The program, “Countering Violent Extremism,” or CVE, would be changed to “Countering Islamic Extremism” or “Countering Radical Islamic Extremism,” the sources said, and would no longer target groups such as white supremacists who have also carried out bombings and shootings in the United States.

Just in the past two years, authorities blamed radical and violent ideologies as the motives for a white supremacist’s shooting rampage inside a historic African-American church in Charleston, South Carolina and Islamist militants for shootings and bombings in California, Florida and New York.

Guardian: The intolerance of the left: Trump's win as seen from Walt Disney's hometown

Small-town people, we liberals think, are Republican people. At their best, they are pious, respectful, and conservative; at their worst they are smug and self-righteous, small-minded and yet capable of broad prejudice. People in the hinterlands, we think, are just different: all the adults are church-going puritans with a neatness obsession, and all the kids long to escape and finally be themselves.

But there’s another way of looking at it, and it is just this: small towns are dying.

Donald Trump doesn’t really reflect the moral values of middle America. He is a consummate city slicker, a soft-handed, foul-mouthed toff who lives in a 58-story building and has been identified with New York City excess his entire life. But people in rural areas are desperate these days. Many of them chose Trump, despite his vulgarity and his big-city ways, because he promised to make them “great again”.

Watching movies won’t help you to understand this. You need to see the thing itself. And what you will discover, should you choose to undertake this mission in the part of the midwest where I come from, is this: ruination, unless the town you choose to visit has a college or a hospital or a prison in it.

ScienceBlogs: The Donald Trump War on Science: Week 1: How bad could it be?

Here is a list of the damage done during the first week of the Donald Trump presidency.

Jan 2017. EPA studies, data must undergo political review before release
Jan 2017. GOP makes plans to invalidate Endangered Species Act
Jan 2017. Donald Trump will eliminate landmark climate protection plan, says first post on White House website
Jan 2017. Trump’s Wall Could Cause Serious Environmental Damage
Jan 2017. Trump Administration Orders EPA to Remove Its Climate Change Web Page
Jan 2017. Trump Appoints Anti-Regulation Net Neutrality Enemy to Head FCC
Jan 2017. White House orders ‘immediate regulatory freeze’ and proposes slashing regulations
Jan 2017. Donald Trump is the sole reliable source of truth, says chair of House Science Committee
Jan 2017. Reported Trump Science Adviser Rejects Climate Science and is generally anti-intellectual
Jan 2017. Trump’s Anti-Muslim Order Could Have ‘Chilling’ Effect On Science
Jan 2017. Climate change summit canceled by CDC amid uncertainty of a Trump presidency
Jan 2017. Myron Ebell, Trump Adviser, Calling for Overhaul of ‘Junk Science’ at EPA
Jan 2017. Trump bans agencies (USDA, NPS, EPA, DoT, etc) from ‘providing updates on social media or to reporters’
Jan 2017. Trump’s unsupported claim he has ‘received awards on the environment’
Jan 2017. Minutes after Trump becomes president, White House website deletes all mention of climate change
Jan 2017. Trump Issues Executive Orders Freezing Federal Hiring
Jan 2017. White House warns Prince Charles against ‘lecturing’ on climate change

Internationale Diplomatie 2017: „Sky News sources say Donald Trump was 'yelling' during his phone conversation with PM Turnbull and hung up after 25 minutes“:

Story dazu: Guardian: Trump lashes 'dumb deal' with Australia on refugees after fraught call with Turnbull, spOnline: Streit über Aufnahme von Flüchtlingen – Trump wird ausfällig gegen Australiens Premier

Donald Trump has torn into the US agreement to resettle refugees from Australia’s offshore detention centres, calling it a “dumb deal” and describing the refugees as illegal immigrants.

Trump took to Twitter to voice his displeasure at a deal he had pledged to uphold in a phone call with the Australian prime minister on Sunday. “Do you believe it? The Obama administration agreed to take thousands of illegal immigrants from Australia. Why? I will study this dumb deal.”

Less than two hours previously, the US State Department had insisted the deal was on in response to a Washington Post report of a fraught phone call between Trump and Australia’s prime minister, Malcolm Turnbull. “President Trump’s decision to honour the refugee agreement has not changed,” a US embassy spokesperson in Canberra said in a statement.

The deal brokered between former president Barack Obama and Turnbull originally forecast the resettlement of up to 1,250 refugees from Australia’s offshore detention islands of Manus Island and Nauru.

„Welcome to lesson 237 in our class 'Body language of the alpha male primate'. Today we'll talk about 'establishing dominance'.“

„Journalist asks if Le Pen's bodyguards given fake EU jobs. They attack him“:

Foreign Policy: Steve Bannon Is Making Sure There’s No White House Paper Trail, Says Intel Source

Even before he was given a formal seat on the National Security Council’s “principals committee” this weekend by President Donald Trump, Bannon was calling the shots and doing so with little to no input from the National Security Council staff, according to an intelligence official who asked not to be named out of fear of retribution.

“He is running a cabal, almost like a shadow NSC,” the official said. He described a work environment where there is little appetite for dissenting opinions, shockingly no paper trail of what’s being discussed and agreed upon at meetings, and no guidance or encouragement so far from above about how the National Security Council staff should be organized. […]

Bannon’s new role is unprecedented. Under Obama, it wasn’t unheard of for his chief political advisors, John Podesta and David Axelrod, to attend NSC meetings, but they were never guaranteed a seat at the table. Under Bush, the line between national security and domestic political considerations was even clearer. Top aides have said they never saw Karl Rove or “anyone from his shop” in NSC meetings, and that’s because Bush told him explicitly not to attend.

The signal Bush “especially wanted to send to the military is that, ‘The decisions I’m making that involve life and death for the people in uniform will not be tainted by any political decisions,’” former White House Chief of Staff Josh Bolten said last September.

Washington Post: Understanding Bannon’s worldview and the policies that follow.

That worldview, which Bannon laid out in interviews and speeches over the past several years, hinges largely on Bannon’s belief in American “sovereignty.” Bannon said that countries should protect their citizens and their essence by reducing immigration, legal and illegal, and pulling back from multinational agreements.

At the same time, Bannon was concerned that the United States and the “Judeo-Christian West” were in a war against an expansionist Islamic ideology — but that they were losing the war by not recognizing what it was. Bannon said this fight was so important, it was worth overlooking differences and rivalries with countries like Russia.

It is not yet clear how far Bannon will be able to go to enact his agenda. His early policy moves have been marred by administrative chaos. But his worldview calls for bigger changes than those already made.

In the past, Bannon had wondered aloud whether the country was ready to follow his lead. Now, he will find out.

“Is that grit still there, that tenacity, that we’ve seen on the battlefields . . . fighting for something greater than themselves?” Bannon said in another radio interview last May, before he joined the Trump campaign.

That, said Bannon, is “one of the biggest open questions in this country.”

TAZ: Rechtsextreme Demonstrationen in Berlin – Nazis haben weniger Zulauf:

Eine gute Nachricht: Die Zahl rechtsextremer Straßenproteste hat im letzten Jahr deutlich abgenommen. Wie das Antifaschistische Pressearchiv und Bildungszentrum (apabiz), das im Auftrag des Senats das rechte Demonstrationsgeschehen dokumentiert, am Mittwoch mitteilte, fanden 2016 nur noch 173 extrem rechte und asylfeindliche Demonstrationen statt. 2015 hatte es noch 234 solcher Veranstaltungen gegeben.

Gleichzeitig gibt es bei den Veranstaltungen eine sowohl inhaltliche als auch räumliche Verschiebung: Während 2014 und 2015 noch vor allem in den östlichen Randbezirken gegen den Bau neuer Flüchtlingsunterkünfte protestiert wurde, fanden 2016 die meisten Demonstrationen im Regierungsviertel statt und richteten sich allgemeiner gegen die Asylpolitik der Bundesregierung. „Aus ‚Nein zum Heim‘ ist ‚Merkel muss weg‘ geworden“, fasst Kilian Behrens vom apabiz diese Entwicklung zusammen. Unter diesem Motto fanden 2016 vier große rechtsextreme Aufmärsche in Mitte statt, deren Teilnehmerzahl sich allerdings von rund 2.000 im März auf etwa 600 im November stark verringerte.

TAZ: Anschlag von Düsseldorf-Wehrhahn – Ein lange bekannter Verdacht: „nur einen Tag nach dem Anschlag [hatte] der Koordinierungskreis antifaschistischer Gruppen in Düsseldorf und Umland auf eine mögliche Tatbeteiligung des vorbestraften Neonazis Ralf S. hingewiesen. Dessen 'Survival Security & Outdoor'-Laden, ein Anlaufpunkt der militanten rechtsextremen 'Kameradschaft Düsseldorf', befand sich auf der Gerresheimer Straße in direkter Nähe zum Anschlagsort. Aber als die Polizei sechs Tage nach der Tat sein Militaria-Geschäft, zwei Wohnungen und eine Gartenlaube durchsuchte, fanden die Beamten der eingesetzten Sonderkommission keine Beweise gegen Ralph S. Nach einem Tag in Gewahrsam wurde der damals 34-Jährige wieder freigelassen: Gegen ihn bestünde kein dringender Tatverdacht – und er sei nicht als Rechtsextremist aufgefallen, behauptete die Staatsanwaltschaft. Das lag wohl daran, dass seine Gewalttaten gegenüber Nichtdeutschen nicht als rassistische Delikte aktenkundig waren.“

Columbia Journalism Review: Is ‘fake news’ a fake problem?

LYINGCATFirst, the fake news audience is tiny compared to the real news audience–about 10 times smaller on average. This held true between November 2015 and November 2016. In fact, the real news audience spiked in October and November, while the fake news audience held constant. Online news audiences spent more time on average with real news than fake news. The one exception was Drudge Report, which attracts an enormous amount of audience engagement as measured by average minutes per visitor. Take last November, for example. The average minutes-per-unique-visitor for Drudge Report clocked in at an astounding 275 minutes, 12 times higher than the same metric for The Washington Post and 11 times higher than it was for Breitbart.

We also found that the fake news audience does not exist in a filter bubble. Visitors to fake news sites visited real news sites just as often as visitors to real news sites visited other real news sites. In fact, sometimes fake news audiences visited real news sites more often: For example, 56 percent of Infowars’s audience visited The New York Times in October, while only 40 percent of The Washington Post's audience did.

Last, and perhaps least surprising to everyone but Mark Zuckerberg, we saw that audiences found their way to fake news via social media at a much higher rate than they did to real news. We already know that a majority of US adults get their news via social media platforms. Here, though, we can see that nearly 30 percent of all fake news traffic could be linked back to Facebook, while only 8 percent of real news traffic could.

Our findings call into question the scope of the fake news problem, while complicating the way we think about it. On the one hand, the fact that the fake news audience is small and highly likely to also visit real news sites may come as a relief to those who fear this audience lives in a separate, distorted reality. But exposure to news is one thing–how these audiences interpret the news is another. If half of the fake news audience had been approaching both real and fake news for the past year with an open mind, you would expect that audience to shrink as readers eventually abandoned fake news sites. That this has not happened suggests the fake news audience isn’t reading real news because they believe it might also be accurate, but because these sources are popular and they want to know how the rest of the world “falsely” understands current events. If this is indeed the case, it means solving the fake news problem will be much trickier than limiting its supply.

NYTimes: Fatigued by the News? Experts Suggest How to Adjust Your Media Diet

“As journalism professors, there’s a need and a desire to stay on top of things — so much so that it becomes somewhat addictive for some of us,” she wrote in an email. “It’s hard to step away, even for a few hours, but yet the constant wash of uncertainties is emotionally draining and physically harmful — teeth damaged from being clenched in anger or frustration, skyrocketing blood pressure, heart palpitations.”

She added, “I joke that we need trauma care, but I’m not really joking at all.”

Zeit, 16. Januar 1998: Wahrheit ist die Erfindung eines Lügners – Der Philosoph und Physiker Heinz von Foerster im Gespräch mit Bernhard Pörksen:

PÖRKSEN: Sie glauben nicht an die endgültige Verifizierung einer Hypothese?

VON FOERSTER: Nein, überhaupt nicht. Was möglich ist, da folge ich dem Philosophen Karl Popper, dem ich sonst längst nicht in allem zustimme, ist allein die Falsifizierung von Hypothesen: Diese können sich als falsch, aber nicht in einem absoluten Sinn als richtig erweisen. Aber in dem Moment, in dem man von Wahrheit spricht, entsteht ein Politikum, und es kommt der Versuch ins Spiel, andere Auffassungen zu dominieren und andere Menschen zu beherrschen. Wenn der Begriff der Wahrheit überhaupt nicht mehr vorkäme, könnten wir vermutlich alle friedlich miteinander leben.

PÖRKSEN: Was bleibt, ist ein ganz und gar unspektakuläres Erkenntnismotiv. Es geht allein um das Funktionieren - und nicht um die absolute Wahrheit.

VON FOERSTER: Aber dieses Funktionieren läßt sich doch als eine Serie von Wundern begreifen, die man feiern, über die man sich freuen kann. Es geht darum, nicht zu stolpern in dieser Welt. Und wenn uns dies gelingt, wäre das doch schon Anlaß genug, um gemeinsam eine Flasche Champagner zu entkorken.

Ich will noch einmal betonen, daß ich im Grunde genommen aus der gesamten Diskussion über Wahrheit und Lüge, Subjektivität und Objektivität aussteigen will. Diese Kategorien stören die Beziehungen von Mensch zu Mensch, sie erzeugen ein Klima, in dem andere überredet, bekehrt und gezwungen werden. Es entsteht Feindschaft. Man sollte diese Begriffe einfach nicht mehr verwenden, da sie, so behaupte ich, durch die bloße Erwähnung und auch durch die Verneinung oder Ablehnung am Leben erhalten werden.

PÖRKSEN: Inwiefern?

VON FOERSTER: Dazu fällt mir ein Satz von Ludwig Wittgenstein ein: Wenn man über eine Proposition "p" und ihre Verneinung "non p" spricht, heißt es bei Wittgenstein, so spricht man von demselben. Darf ich hier eine kleine Analogie anführen? Revolutionäre, die einen König stürzen wollen, machen häufig den bedauerlichen Fehler, daß sie laut und deutlich schreien: Nieder mit dem König! Das ist natürlich kostenlose Propaganda für den König, der sich bei seinen Gegnern eigentlich bedanken sollte: "Danke, daß ihr mich so oft erwähnt habt und daß ihr nicht aufhört, meinen Namen zu rufen!" Wenn ich eine Person, eine Idee oder ein Ideal laut und deutlich negiere, ist die endgültige Trennung noch nicht geglückt. Das verneinte Phänomen kommt wieder vor und wird ex negativo erneut ins Zentrum der Aufmerksamkeit gerückt.