Portal on an Apple II


Portal ported to an AppleII in Basic. Not bad. (via MeFi)

portalThis is about an Apple II version of Portal, the cake acquisition simulator released in 2007 (not the similarly named contemporary Apple II game released in 1986). Note: this project is just for fun and is in no way endorsed by Valve, etc. While attempting to travel to the future to get a copy of Portal 3. I accidentally traveled to alternate-1987 and obtained a copy of Portal 1 for the Apple II!

In actuality I originally just planned to do the end credits. But the Apple II high-res mode has the perfect Aperture Science orange and blue colors, and one thing led to another...

Portal-appleII is written mostly in Applesoft BASIC. The full source code can be found as part of my apple II dos33fs utilities:
git clone https://github.com/deater/dos33fsprogs and look in the "glados3.3" directory.

The source code (pre-tokenization) can be seen here if you're curious:
portal.bas.txt (13k)
still_alive.bas.txt (28k)