Tarantula eats a Snake

In Brasilien haben sie zum ersten mal eine Tarantel beim Verspeisen einer Schlange beobachtet. Das Ringelgezeucht ist wohl aus Versehen in den Spinnenbau im Fels eingedrungen und, naja, das war's dann, Ende Gelände, wohl bekomm's. National Geographic: Tarantula Found Eating a Snake in Wild for First Time, Paper: Predation of the snake Erythrolamprus almadensis (Wagler, 1824) by the tarantula Grammostola quirogai.


Leandro Malta Borges, a graduate student at Brazil’s Federal University of Santa Maria, stumbled across the macabre scene on October 23, 2015, while he and his colleagues were walking through a grassland in southern Brazil called Serra do Caverá. […] Underneath a rock, they found a foot-long specimen of Erythrolamprus almadensis, a non-venomous snake—but its front and middle regions had been ripped to shreds by a large species of tarantula called Grammostola quirogai.

As Borges looked on, the tarantula huddled over the decomposing snake, chowing down on the exposed, liquefied guts. […] “Most likely, the snake was surprised upon entering the spider’s environment and hence [was] subdued by it,” the researchers write. To kill the snake, the tarantula undoubtedly wielded its 0.8-inch-long fangs, but it's difficult to say what exactly caused the snake’s death.