Science: You can't get stoned in Space

stoned2Look, this site is nothing I would trust, but the paper is real as are the quotes. So, if you wanna get stoned before the moon breaks up and life on earth is destined for space: Do it now.

Researchers bombarded poor, innocent laboratory mice with radiation similar to that found throughout the solar system. After irradiation, the activity of cannabinoids (CB1) and cannabinoid receptor basket cells (CB1BCs) in the mouse brains was found to be significantly decreased due to the fact that the radiation triggered the release and uptake of another neurotransmitter, GABA:

In irradiated mice, GABA release from CB1BCs onto PCs [(hippocampal neurons)] was dramatically increased. This effect was abolished by CB1 blockade, indicating that irradiation decreased CB1-dependent tonic inhibition of GABA release.