1000 Hyperbolic Rubiks Cubes


MagicTile, eine Mathe-Software/Puzzle-Game mit drölfhundert Variationen des Rubiks Cubes in allen möglichen Geometrien und Projektionen. Es hat einen einflächigen, unendlichen Klein-Flaschen-Zauberwürfel. Infinite Rubiks Cube achieved, yay!

Leider nur für Windows (hier Winbottler für Mac, um .exe-Files laufen zu lassen), dafür gibt's den Code auf Github. (via Algorithmic)

rubikMagicTile is a program that abstracts the Rubik's Cube as a colored regular tiling of squares on the sphere. The familiar "cubeness" is lost, but all the important properties of the original puzzle remain. Once we have a nice analogue of a twist from this perspective, we can consider other colored regular tilings and a huge number of new twisty puzzles become possible, some living in the world of hyperbolic geometry!

A quick overview of what MagicTile supports:

  • Regular tilings with Schäfli symbol{p,q}
  • Various coloring maps for each tiling
  • Non-orientable topologies like Klein bottle and Boy's surface
  • General twisting: face, edge, vertex, and "earthquake" twisting
  • Many projections: sterographic, gnomonic, fisheye, Poincaré, Klein
  • Smooth panning in all projections
  • Surface views
  • Infinite regular polyhedra puzzles