WiFi in the New Flesh: Datenübertragung durch menschliche Körper

fleshWissenschaftler haben Daten durch menschliche Körper übertragen, hier ging es um Login-Daten von Fingerprint-Sensoren, die an eine abgeschlossene Tür geschickt wurden: True man-in-the-middle: Transmitting logins through the human body. Die haben immerhin 50 Bits pro Sekunde durch ’nen Menschen geschickt. Cronenbergfilme wird man damit zwar noch nicht streamen können und in Illinois waren sie mit ihrem Ultraschall-Fleisch-WiFi auch schneller, aber ey! New Flesh wird langsam.

The technology is not restricted by body type or posture, as a research paper by the researchers (abstract below) explains:

We show for the first time that commodity devices can be used to generate wireless data transmissions that are confined to the human body. Specifically, we show that commodity input devices such as fingerprint sensors and touchpads can be used to transmit information to only wireless receivers that are in contact with the body.

We characterize the propagation of the resulting transmissions across the whole body and run experiments with ten subjects to demonstrate that our approach generalizes across different body types and postures. We also evaluate our communication system in the presence of interference from other wearable devices such as smartwatches and nearby metallic surfaces. Finally, by modulating the operations of these input devices, we demonstrate bit rates of up to 50 bits per second over the human body.

The approach works because fingerprint sensors “produce characteristic electromagnetic signals at frequencies below 10 MHz” that propagate well through the human body.