Buster Keaton does The Twilight Zone: Once upon a Time


TIL: Es gibt eine Twilight Zone-Folge mit Buster Keaton. Ich habe von der alten Original-Serie bislang nur die erste Staffel komplett gesehen und ansonsten halt die bekannteren. Die Folge hier kannte ich bis grade eben nicht, wird Zeit, dass ich die Serie mal komplett nachhole.

Buster Keaton spielt in Once upon a Time einen Zeitreisenden aus dem Jahr 1890 (die Szenen aus der Vergangenheit wurden natürlich als Stummfilm mit Piano-Soundtrack inszeniert), der mit einem komischen Zeitreise-Helm ins Jahr 1960 reist, um dort endlich seine Ruhe zu haben. Geht natürlich alles schief. Die Folge gibt's komplett auf Dailymotion:

Woodrow Mulligan (Buster Keaton) is a grumpy janitor in 1890, dissatisfied with his time and place: a backwater town called "Harmony" with 17-cent cuts of meat, $2 hats, livestock freely roaming the streets, and penny-farthing bicycles that knock him down while going the speed limit (8 mph). He works for Professor Gilbert (Milton Parsons), who has just invented a time helmet. Pouncing on the opportunity, Mulligan uses the helmet to transport himself to 1960, which, of course, turns out to be a surprise with even higher prices and more noise. He meets Rollo (Stanley Adams), a scientist and authority on the 1890s, which he regards as "charming."

Rollo tries to go back alone, but Mulligan jumps on him and they go back together. The 1890s turn out to be not entirely what Rollo thought of them. Mulligan, however, is relieved and has a new appreciation for his own time. One week later, he hears Rollo griping. ("This guy sounds worse than my mother-in-law," Mulligan observes through an intertitle). So he sets the helmet for 1960, puts it on Rollo's head, and sends him back to his own time.