Solarpunk is doing great 😎


Der Preis fĂŒr die Solar-Kilowatt/Stunde fĂ€llt unter die HĂ€lfte der Gas-Kraftwerke. Alles wird gut, Solarpunk will save us all.

Ramez Naam: New Record Low Solar Price in Abu Dhabi – Costs Plunging Faster Than Expected.

Ich habe seinen Graph mit den Solar-Preisen aus dem Artikel mal mit dem aktuellen Stand aktualisiert:


Und auch wenn Techcrunch ganz richtig anmerkt, dass es bei Solarenergie vor allem um Storage geht und nicht um Strom-Erzeugung, ist das hier ein willkommener Anlass fĂŒr nicht wenig Zukunfts-Optimismus:

The latest record is an incredibly low bid of 2.42 cents / kwh solar electricity in Abu Dhabi. That is an unsubsidized price.

Let me put that in perspective. The cost of electricity from a new natural gas powerplant in the US is now estimated at 5.6 cents / kwh. (pdf link) That is with historically low natural gas prices in the US, which are far lower than the price of natural gas in the rest of the world. This new bid in Abu Dhabi is less than half the price of electricity from a new natural gas plant.

What’s more, it’s less than the cost of the fuel burned in a natural gas plant to make electricity – without even considering the cost of building the plant in the first place. The solar bid in Abu Dhabi is not just the cheapest solar power contract ever signed – it’s the cheapest contract for electricity ever signed, anywhere on planet earth, using any technology.