Ghost Forests: Klimawandel tötet Wälder durch Salz


Neues geiles Klimawandelphänomen: ‘Ghost Forests’ Appear As Rising Seas Kill Trees. Entlang der Küstenlinie entdeckt man immer mehr sogenannter „Ghost Forests“, in denen das Salz im steigenden Meerwasser durch die Wurzeln aufgenommen wird und die Bäume abtötet.

9_15_16_upton_bassriver-36_650_425_s_c1_c_cBare trunks of dead coastal forests are being discovered up and down the mid-Atlantic coastline, killed by the advance of rising seas. The “ghost forests,” as scientists call them, offer eerie evidence of some of the world’s fastest rates of sea level rise. […]

Climate scientists like Walker, a PhD candidate at Rutgers University researching sea level rise, have begun investigating these dead forests, which are becoming common features along some coastal landscapes. The poison that kills the trees is salt, delivered to their roots by rising tides.