Streik-Organisation, there's an App for that

35c3fc58-755e-11e6-b60a-de4532d5ea35Die Financial Times über modernen Arbeitskampf in Zeiten von Uber: When your boss is an algorithm. Arbeiter (meistens Lieferservice und die neuen Uber-Taxifahrer) nutzen ihre eigene App, um die Kollegen zum Streik aufzurufen. Ein improvisierter Hack als Algo-Betriebsrat, oder so.

It’s hard to spread the word when you don’t even know who your colleagues are. But the couriers have an idea. They open their apps as customers and order food to be delivered to them. As UberEats couriers arrive with pizzas at the place their app has sent them, the strikers tell them about the protest and urge them to join in. Algorithmic management, meet algorithmic rebellion.