Amtsschreibenphobie-Verteidigung erfolgreich

kuvertIn Schweden hat sich ein Mann, der wegen eines nicht angemeldeten Mopeds angeklagt war, mit seiner Angst vor offiziellen Dokumenten („Officialdocuphobia“) verteidigt und ist damit durchgekommen.

Swedish sources report that a man charged with knowingly operating an unregistered vehicle has successfully asserted the officialdocuphobia defense: he claimed he didn’t know he needed to register because his crippling fear of official correspondence prevented him from opening letters that would have told him so. […] he said, “purely the sight of a fönsterkuvert results in severe anxiousness.” Ignorance of the law is usually no excuse anyway, but the court decided to accept this excuse, finding he had not acted “knowingly.”

Würde ich mir ja merken, aber deutsche Gerichte sind da anscheinend etwas weniger nachsichtig:

This is not the first time officialdocuphobia has been asserted, of course; you saw it here in 2008, when a German woman raised it in an effort to explain why she hadn’t sent in documents supporting her benefit claims. But that court rejected the defense, saying that if she’d suffered from the condition as long as she claimed, she could and should have sought treatment for it.