August 2016 Hitze-Rekord: Check 🌞


Juhu, auch der August 2016 war der heißeste August seit Aufzeichnung der Wetterdaten, der nun mittlerweile 15. monatliche Hitze-Rekord in Folge (!).

Die NASA rechnete eigentlich vor ein paar Wochen noch damit, dass der Juli vorerst der letzte Hitzerekord-Monat bleiben wird, da die Effekte von El Niño wegfallen. Aber der August war sogar nicht einfach nur am heißesten, er war sogar genauso heiß wie der Monat Juli, in dem normalerweise der Temperaturhöhepunkt des Jahres erreicht wird. August ist da dieses Jahr gleichgezogen. Tja. 😎

August came in at 1.76˚F (0.98˚C) above the average from 1951-1980, 0.16C above August 2014, the previous record holder. The record keeps 2016 on track to be the hottest year in the books by a fair margin.

That August continued the streak of record hot months this year and tied July as the hottest month was somewhat unexpected. The seasonal temperature cycle generally reaches a peak in July, as it did this year. But August was so anomalously warm — more so even than July — that it tied that month’s overall temperature. It was also thought that July would likely be the last record hot month of the year, given the dissipation of El Niño.

In NASA’s dataset, August marks the 11th record-setting month in a row. That streak goes back 15 months through July in data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Each agency handles the global temperature data slightly differently and uses a different period of comparison, leading to slight differences in the monthly and yearly temperature numbers. Overall, though, both datasets show clear agreement in the overall warming trend.


That trend is what Gavin Schmidt, director of NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies, and other climate scientists emphasize. It is that excess heat that has accumulated over decades thanks to rising levels of greenhouse gases that accounts for the bulk of this year’s record warmth, with El Niño providing only a small boost.