Rolands neue 303/909


Roland hatte für heute den 909-Tag ausgerufen und nicht weniger als 30 neue Instrumente und Controller und Synths und whatnot vorgestellt.

Am interessantesten – neben dem DJ-808, einem DJ-Controller mit eingebauter Drum-Machine – natürlich die neue TB-303 und die neue TR-909. Die heißen jetzt TB-03 und TR-09 und sehen genauso aus, wie ihre Vorgänger und dürften auch genauso klingen. Details zu den Teilen gibt's noch keine, die Pics sind wohl unabsichtlich durch Eigenverschulden geleakt. (via Ronny)


Images appeared on the company’s site today (September 9) in advance of their full debut as part of today’s 909 Day celebration, but were swiftly pulled down when the company realised its error.

Both the 303 and 909 were instrumental in the development of techno and acid house, and have been unavailable for 30 years. Older models regularly change hands for high prices on the secondary market.

Roland’s new versions aren’t exact replicas – they appear to be the same size as the company’s Boutique range, which last year revisited some of its classic synths in a reduced form. The 303 is instead the TB-03, and 909 the TR-09.

[update] Erste Details zur neuen 303 von Reverb. Ich kenn mich mit dem ganzen Mucke-Technik-Kram ja nicht wirklich aus, aber ich wollte schon immer ’ne 303 haben. Hm.

The Roland TB-03 is essentially a point-for-point recreation of the TB-303 but with a new four-digit LED display, delay and overdrive effects, MIDI compatibility, and some additional fine tempo and sequencing options not available on the original. […] The original sawtooth and square wave oscillator sounds remain (courtesy of Roland's Analog Circuit Behavior modeling - same as used in the AIRA series), while the classic Pitch, Step and Time write modes still generate a 16-step sequence. It has CV/Gate outputs for controlling modular or vintage synths, but also has USB and MIDI input and output. A dedicated trigger input drives the internal sequencer.