Klassische Musik als Datenvisualisierungen


Hübsche Musikvisualisierung von Nicholas Rougeux, so'n bisschen wie das Browsertoy Music DNA, nur ohne Browsertoy und mit mehr Klassik-Crap. In seinem Blogpost zum Making Of erklärt er, wie er die Dinger gebastelt hat:

Scores for multiple instruments use color as an added dimension to differentiate instruments. See the variation on Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star below. Single color versions are also available. How images for multiple instruments were made:


  • An entire musical score is wrapped around a circle starting at the top.
  • All musical marks except the notes are removed.
  • Notes are spaced evenly around the circle and replaced with circles that are sized based on the duration of the note.
  • A note's distance from the center of the circle corresponds to pitch and octave—those closer to the center are lower notes and farther from the center are higher. All notes are on the same scale regardless of the clef on which they originally were placed.
  • Exaggerating the difference between lower and higher notes creates a more stylized appearance.