Neuer Über-Buntstifftekasten von Faber Castell


Neuer limitierter Krassomat-Kasten voller Buntstifte von Faber Castell. Nach ihrem letzten Krassomat-Kasten kommt der hier limitiert auf 2500 Stück, hat irgendwas mit Lagerfeld zu tun und enthält 350 Bunt-/Bleistifte, Marker und Schnickschnack. Gibt's in ein paar Läden in Berlin, Frankfurt, München und Düsseldorf und ist sehr wahrscheinlich schweinearschteuer. Hätte ich trotzdem sehr gerne, das Ding und trotz Lagerfeld.

KARLBOX-Feature04THE KARLBOX: It is divided into several drawers which include the primary colours. Therefore, in total, the KARLBOX contains 350 drawing instruments: markers, crayons, colour pencils, including reds, blacks, greens, yellows and blues set out like a colour chart. It is a valuable item, a timeless and luxurious case that Faber-Castell and KARL LAGERFELD want to offer as a limited edition that is numbered and which comes with a certificate of authenticity.

THE TOP TIER: Basics first – the top tier is filled with artists´ graphite pencils CASTELL 9000 in the standard- and jumbo version as well as PITT GRAPHITE CRAYONS in various degrees of hardness. The watersoluble GRAPHITE AQUARELLE is perfect for preliminary sketches and watercolour paintings. The lightfast India ink PITT ARTIST PENS FINELINER are ideal for detailed drawings. ACCESSORIES as a watercolour brush, sharpeners, erasers and a watercup are finishing off the assortment of high quality art materials.

THE DRAWERS: Each of the six drawers contains the fully watersoluble ALBRECHT DÜRER ARTISTS´ WATERCOLOUR PENCILS of unsurpassed lightfastness and colour brilliance as well as the POLYCHROMOS ARTISTS´ COLOUR PENCILS with their smooth, intense colour laydown and outstanding lightfastness. In completion of the colour world there are the highly pigmented POLYCHROMOS ARTISTS´ PASTELS for detailed drawing and shading of larger areas. Moreover the lightfast and odorless India ink PITT ARTIST PENS are included. All drawers can be pulled out of the box. They have a space-saving deployment mechanism for a convenient and comfortable removing of the drawing instruments.