Ein Asteroid namens Freddy Mercury


Die International Astronomical Union hat Asteroid 17473 nach Queen-Sänger Freddy Mercury umgetauft. Der dreht jetzt für ein drölfhunderttausend Jahre seine Kreise um die Sonne im Asteroidengürtel zwischen Mars und Jupiter und ruft ab und zu „Ejo“. Who wants to live forever, indeed.

fuckeverybodyelseDiscovered in 1991 by the Belgian astronomer Henri Debehogne, the freshly-named asteroid swings around the sun at 20km per second. Its slightly elliptical orbit never comes closer than 350 million kilometres to Earth, meaning that the heavenly body called Freddiemercury poses no imminent danger to the planet.

The space rock reflects only one third of the sunlight that falls on it and at such distance can only be seen with a telescope. “It’s like a cinder in space as many of these asteroids are,” said May. “You need a pretty decent telescope to see it. It’s just a dot of light but it’s a very special dot of light and maybe one day we’ll get there.”