dmcaVor ein paar Tagen machte das Mashup-Game No Marios Sky die Runde und prompt verschickte Nintendo hunderte DMCA-Takedowns an Indiegame-Publisher, die es wagten, ihren heiligen Mario anzufassen. No Marios Sky hat's natürlich auch getroffen, also haben sie ihr Game in DMCAs Sky umbenannt und ein paar satirische Seitenhiebe auf den Juristenmumpitz eingebaut. Download hier.

the devs have responded by creating DMCA’s Sky – so now you squash Moomba’s as you search for Princess Mango across an infinite Mario Spaceman Finn universe!

DMCA’s Sky is still pretty much the same game as No Mario’s Sky but with a few useful gameplay tweaks and a bit of tongue-in-cheek rebranding. In DMCA’s Sky you explore a vast procedurally generated galaxy, stomping on the heads of randomized ‘Moombas’, collecting gems and searching for Princess Mango (though you’ll still probably never find her).

For legal reasons they’ve also had to alter the soundtrack, but it still offers plenty of catchy randomized tunes to listen to as you explore DMCA’s Sky’s infinite planets.