Truman Capote for sale

Die Asche von Truman Capote wird versteigert, Startpreis grade mal 2000 Dollar. In cold blood, pretty much.

trumanTruman Capote is to have a final, macabre whirl of celebrity by having his ashes auctioned off in Los Angeles – starting price $2,000. The remains, contained in a carved Japanese box, will go on the block in September, 32 years after Capote’s death.

Whether the author of In Cold Blood would appreciate his ashes being sold off in cold commerce is an open question, but the man flogging them has no doubt.

“With some celebrities this wouldn’t be tasteful, but I know 100% he would love it,” Darren Julien, president of Julien’s Auctions, told the Guardian. “He loved to create press opportunities and to read his name in the paper. I think he would love it that he’s still grabbing headlines today.”