Surjeet was a Cop and he had 40 Knives

Then this happened: Doctors have removed 40 knives from a policeman's stomach after he developed a taste for swallowing blades.

6b2fffbb841b5b837948535c504349c4b294d78af0fadf8cd46b4ad180e7de13_3769308Surjeet Singh from Amritsar in northern India complained to medical experts that had been suffering from severe stomach aches and a low appetite. They initially thought he had developed a tumour but a biopsy revealed metal inside his body. Mr Singh suffered from a disorder that gave him an urge to swallow knives, according to surgeon Jitendra Malhotra. […]

Mr Singh thought he had swallowed 28 knives but doctors actually found 40 after a five-hour long operation. The surgeon said: "As soon as we placed the camera inside, we saw some metallic material on our screen. In those metallic materials, there were shards of blades and woods which were very rare and surreal.

Soundtrack: Interpol – Roland („My best friend's a butcher, he has sixteen knives“)